hello tree
released june 2008

hello tree is a record that was made at a very specific time about some very specific events in a very specific place that was here and there and mostly just everywhere. the songs were written in a book while things were happening, and to be honest, they are all about mostly real events, whether i believe that or not. on the record the songs are in order of how i wrote them and might tell the story that they are supposed to tell, but mostly they just tell of things. the album was going to be one song originally. similar to a package full of something, and thats how it started out. it ended with a lot of different songs, but in more ways than two it is still only just that one song, the song hello tree... it just sounds different sometimes and there are words that rhyme in different places here and there. hello tree is the second record in the third half of what fukachuk egg machine has become... and it's becoming a lot more real than it should.. or maybe it just hasn't become real at all... it's a little fleshing out of things in your head... to be honest, i find this record rather spooky and unnerving.

burnt hair

hey you
what do you do
hey you
won’t you come to my house
your hair is on fire
I did your hair in elastic bands
pull them out
the elastic bands

hey you
won’t you come to my house
climb up these stairs and hang on
hey you
won’t you come to my house
walk up these stairs
and hang on
I don’t know why
you’re here with me
all we did was stare
I see you

Silver Shoes

Silver shoes followed home
by some thing inside a diorama house
made by someone from years ago
who doesn't know she's made from snow

I can't remember what this looks like
I need you to refresh my head
starting up this tractor engine
I felt a nightmare in my bed

It feels like cotton but it can't be
Its falling out of a hazel tree
like rocks on plastic night time walks
I'll look behind me until I see.

These silver shoes are silver hairs
braided up like chimneys
silver shoes are polar bears
tongues are feeling up the stairs

I heard some breathing in the closet
and didn't look to find the planets
broken cars will make a camp site
Inside the branches and leaving home


I close my mouth and lick your hair
and find a book that says I'm there
wrap some felt around this body
and push it up against the sink

Koolaid seller sell your shirt
and touch this grass with softened hands
a berry milker is a money maker
make your money while you can

buttons are a favourite past time
I collected some from round the world
one too small too even see it
one too mine to put past you

It won't seem to ever happen
when we hide it all away
and one day once when you have left it
we will keep it until you say

fingers falling through this hair they melt away inside your skull
he used to wear belts around his legs
and collect the leaves when it is fall.


I feel myself shaking
and feeling like every thing
is leaving me endless
and ending with all this
This something I have
inside of every thing
Falling to basements
that fell through the ceiling
I wish I could end it
this uprooted feeling
and sticks are becoming
the only thing I see
I can't stop myself
From doing these things
that cause me to spill out
all over this planet
I keep on giving up
things that I'm made of
For useless re-payment
of feelings of hatred
and why does it do this
without my permission
and hands won't stop shaking
and hearts won't stop beating
and there's too much anger
inside all I'm doing
when nothing is stopping
me from these actions
Repeating phrases about how I started
hurting these people who loved what I'm made of
and Please please forgive me
I love you so fully
I'll give you my body to stop you from falling.


Walls that are covered
in ritual paintings
and floors that I built
with two of my own hands
Just listen to me
I'm falling to pieces
I'm praying for something
to stop all my madness
I'm on my knees wishing
and stopping the fishing
and where was the house
inside of this city
I know it is coming
and I'm crying and sweating
and scared to my dieing
what I might be getting
my mind won't stop blinking
and making these pictures
that were put on these walls
when everything's so small
Please take some pictures
For me to keep living
and I can't stop making
all of life's small things
Please do this for me
and do this to me
and when I stop waiting
I’ll wait until everything
binds me to cities
I built with my memories.


I have my eyes closed
while touching things inside me
you see that its a circus
inside the train that drives us

my right hand is hidden
waiting for a moment
to find its way beside this
and feel around behind this

plastic bag is filled with cotton
please go ahead and take some
and plug up every thing
before I change my mind

I'm too scared to call them
but not too scared to call you
when we know I should be sleeping
and fixing all that I do.

fabric over fists
these pills will make your mouth dry
I promise you I'll stop soon
and go on with your story.

and she looks at me
like I'm a beast
when all I did was blame you
for the things that I do years ago.
I promise you I'll stop soon
and go on with this story
she looks at me like I'm a beast

I saw you in those folded sheets
inside my head
inside my head you are all red
I thought that poor girl, well
she must be dead
sleeping in the evening without a bed
I shook you and woke you
hoped for you to come
I begged you to just speak again
It might be
one two three and four
I know that I will never see the door
Sailing down the river on a man filled with eggs
begging me to come
I know that I've got no legs
I cry a little bit inside my bag
She knows that this is where its at

And she looks at me
like I'm a beast

Dear Daphne

I hear you'll come out this way
I heard you'll walk past tigers
I don't know what else to say

Dear Daphne,
I missed seeing you here
while all these people tried to stare
and all I did was smell your hair.

Dear Daphne.
You live in stars upstairs
and pull blankets over chairs
and wear your socks in pairs

Dear Daphne,
I wish you'd come to play
and stay here every day
and make this go away.

Dear Daphne,
I crawled inside your coat
when you said you would go
I had to let you know

Dear Daphne,
Will we go to the zoo
with all these things to do
I'll never discover you.

Confined Inside This

I heard about a train
to take away my hands
and take away my fingers

Please make midnight stop
and break down all these birds
and pull your hair across the room
and love you till its over

You can't fit inside
this box | have built from scratch
I'd smoke you if I had a match
and we need to feed the kids again

Its not a good idea
It never was my plan
and I might stop to fix this light
and take back both my hands

Confined inside this animal
with zippers on my tongue
and toungues press up against my hips
and this is never wrong

and tie you to my tree
and never let the train come back
I'll sabotage its engines
and slip inside a napking with you.

The Lips

what will I do
now that I have seen all this
I give you teeth to chew my fist
and dream that I can see all this
I think my mouth has got too big
and I can barely see my lips
when I crawled deep inside all this
when I pretend to see you kiss
and all my dreams are surly missed
when we are busy inside your head
this belt around your waist must go
and so must all the things I know
and nothing can quiet stop these things
when april feels so far away
I clean up shelves to let you dry
and kiss your hair after you die
running fingers on your words
that say that this is not my home
I'll split it up against these sticks
these sticks that always come in threes
he should shake off all this dust
and move it like he thinks he must.
goodbye he whispered in his hand
when he was missing this again

Shipped Out

She was excited and she's screaming
about all the things she's dreaming
and rolling down these mountains
inside something's breaking.

she begged him to assist her
he put her in containers
Fine parts in a freezer
promised her he's ship her

the boat was over flowing.
with things he made inside them
all in the same direction
heading out for the ocean.

stitched together when she arrives
pieces floating up inside.
nails are missing in her skin
to show the places that she'd been

Scooped Out Parts

Silver metal scooped out parts
left alone the ribbon starts
to pull apart the meat inside
the one who told the perfect lie

and waiting for this box to come
From inside cells in broken dogs
the knees are on the eastern side
of the one who told the perfect lie
Inside my cheek my teeth won't rest
chewing on your wedding dress
inside the box the scooped out parts
will travel inside flamingo hearts.
swallowed down this bedding tonight
and rolled around with ghosts outside
and searching through my last week's box
to find the parts that I have lost
In a bucket made of hair
I put it down when you were there
Insert the bits that made no sense
and build around you a human fence
I'm a vile thing that bores myself
with made up things and never truth
scotch tape my hand to your mouth
and lick this glass until I die.

Robot Mountains

The sadness thats inside this
is a boring mess of incest
with children learning english
inside a paper casket

and she scares me so completely
with her mind that sees the ocean
and the man who talks to trees
is inside the bathroom tiles

I beg you to see this door
that leads you to a highway
on top of robot mountains
the birds will sing tonight.

and if only I could hold you
and slide my hands inside you
and mix up all the stories
until they melt into glue
I'll stick you to a blue wall
and paint around your eye lids
I want you to come back here
with all these things inside this
and I won't lose this feeling
that you could lead this mission
to stop this man's magician
from pulling out your dreams.


There is nothing like this
not where I am
as much as I want to see these things
I know I never can.
maybe its just jealousy
maybe I am who's wrong
I wish you would come back to me.
and stay inside my mouth.
I miss you so completely.
please talk to me tonight
I don't mean to speak harshly
there's no way you can be right.
I wish it was both these things somehow compiled into this
I place a small memory
inside your eyes again.

standing by the roadside.

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