2004     23 Minutes

Surgery boy has just bought something from the dead horse store... something that was discarded and abandoned. he makes his way to a home he doesn't know, and meets up with the frog man who tells him what he doesn't want to hear. Finally he finds a place to rest when from the sky emerge two aliens who take control of his actions. Sindy is drawn to Surgery Boy's room, and she willingly sacrifices her life to become Jenny again. The Aliens take her away for reconditioning, and surgery boy is left alone in the room with his bag from the dead horse store... he realizes that he must confront the three sticks if he is ever going to escape from this reality, and he journeys far to find them. Within the bag Babydog emerges to help him find his destiny....

Written and Directed by Blaise Kolodychuk
Camera Operator: Amanda Kolodychuk

Blaise Kolodychuk as Surgery Boy
Amanda Kolodychuk as Sindy / Jenny
Hussein Juma as The Frog Man

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