Released July 5th 2020

This record is about this year, and how it has had it way with me and the rest of the world. The only instruments played on this record are guitars and drums... (Except one small exception) Which is a bit different for a fukachuk egg machine record.. generally I am known for electronic music. this is not the case here.
the production is raw, and there are few overdubs and post production. It is more of an old school punk rock folk record. And I like it that way. This year has been raw, with little production value.


There is something to be sick for
There is a person in this street
There is a day that is coming
There is fighting over meat

There are beasts in the offices
I am living in this car
And I don’t have any friends
And they all just went too far

I cleaned out this casket
To fill it up again
And no one be;ieves in magic
And everyone’s in pain

The ghosts are taking over
And I never said goodbye
I pull up your socks
And rub it in your eye

And i feel so happy today
Like there wasn’t any people
And the streets are filling up
And it just might be illegal

And stop these boxes
From being shipped here
So they can be destroyed
And filled up with fear

Never listen to a shell fish snodgrass
Never hide in a suburban playground
Don’t talk bad about dead dinosaurs
Join in the apocalypse countdown.


part of this ends with a pocket full of hands
and part of this ends with me inside a world
i walk as far as i can to feel my way through this
and use both my arm for something i can build

setting up this pile of books
that makes the knuckles run and hide
is like feeling something under this
and watching yourself die

theres a girl who works at a shop
she never lets the children stop
finding ways to fill her up
and giving out a magazine
its covered up from front to back
with glossy photos from the trip
that someone took to find a song
and they returned with something wrong

cleaned out this hotel room
and sat up late and watched the moon
and waited for a phonecall from
the only person in this book


Why does she always have to have the radio on.
And she never cleans anything in this house. .
I'm going to give my collections to a girl I know.
Overalls in the winter and and she talks to make it grow.

I wish that you could feed someone.
Something that they want inside them.
There's a stained glass window in the basement here.
All the voices in my head say the same thing.

She's ripping her heart out on the street over there.
she's giving it to someone who doesn't seem to care.
She's bleeding to death and reciting this poem.
And I don't think she'll ever find her way home.

I'm building shelves in the shed outside.
And I'm going to put a collection there.
 Of all the things that I saw this year.
And all the people I wish were here.


Visit me
I never get to talk
Visit me
Lets go for a walk
Stitch me up
I can not feel my heart
Clean me up
I knew you from/the start

Sit with me
I kept this autograph
Sit with me
I forgot how you can laugh
Call to me
When no one else will talk
Look in me
There might be someone left

All these days I can not see the trees
She bought a coat and gave it to me
In the pocket was a pack of gummy fishes
when you put it in your mouth she said you make some wishes


It smells like medicine in her shirt.
And on my hands and on her skirt.
The clouds will open and pour out rain.
And I'll make a new friend underneath a train.

Close my mouth and close my eyes.
Hold my hair and hold my size.
Speak about people who can't find the words.
And sit on my bed and pretend I'm not here.

Daphne built a rope ladder to look up in the trees.
As she climbed up higher she played a little game.
How many weeks till Christmas and do I get a birthday this year.
If I tell you all the things I thought will you still think I'm sane.

She got well past the tree last night.
And her eyes changed colour again.
She said a verse of scripture.
That she made up in her head.

The hammer she brought with her.
And the friends that she did not.
All gathered at the carnival .
To undo the ending Daphne got.


I’ve set aside one hour for this
He held my hand and cleaned my fist
I kept out people he didn’t know
And in the summer i wished for snow

a serious plan was written down
I took your arm and walked around
and felt the day get shorter tonight
I think my thinking tonight’s not right

I reach my hands towards this sound
and place my lips inside this house
I keep my body so far away
I make excuses so i won’t stay

I clear my throat and clear the room
I sit inside your car for hours
I wait to see if i still think
and paint you orange and green and pink

Stop me from holding this meeting here
with the bear the man the fox and you
I tied your boots up when you were sick
and drew in the dirt with someone’s stick


He helped her move a mattress
 And the read a book out loud
I can't trust anyone to save me
I can't trust anyone who's proud

I hold my hands around my waist
And tie up brand new friends
I don't want to go to parties.
Look at all the mail that he sends.

In the summer I dress like a hyena.
And I take you shopping at the mall.
I'm going to start my own political party.
And buy votes with cherry pits.

And I don't mind if you live in a garage.
And I don't mind if you walk everywhere.
And I don't mind if you take your time.
And I feel sick almost everyday.

And in the mailbox there was a dead cat.
And no one wants to take the blame.
Winter will come and freeze this town.
And in my lungs I'm filled with shame.


There is a basket of fingernails underneath the sink.
Cleaned out a mayonnaise container and filled it with your words.
He might be going to sleep tonight if someone tells him the right story.
A child in a rainstorm trying to find their way by following birds.

I might park the car underneath the bridge tonight.
Something happened to her that she doesn't want to talk about to anybody.
We can still talk about how silly putty is made.
We walked through the forest to the next town and the bottom of our pants got muddy.

I don't feel safe in this neighbourhood tonight.
I don't feel safe without Jeremy around.
I can't close my eyes fast enough to see The Flash.
I hope there's no more lions in the circus in town.

I'll take the top bunk tonight if you give me a moment.
I need to sort all these papers out.
I know you don't like heights and seal like I'm someone.
someone different than the person in this house.


The first time she saw him was on a VHS tape.
His lips were soaked in something red.
He sang a song about that River.
And got his friends to pretend they're dead.

I condensed seven years into an hour.
I gave up on people that I didn't know.
I stopped wishing at least 3 days ago.
And we dug tunnels underneath the snow.

I connect these people with wires upstairs.
And everything smells like salt and blood.
I can't stop crying  when I read your palms.
And he made them swings from chains and wood.

In a basement beside the exercise machine.
He sat on the floor reading magazines.
He waited for ghosts to knock on the door.
And wish that he had time for more.


I’m gonna be your little girl
I’m gonna be your little girl

Flying in a new airplane
I’m gonna be your little girl

Tie my boots and Dye my Hair
I’m gonna hear you yell upstairs

Drink my mum and drink your wine
He’s gonna find his way tonight

Clean the tub with iodine
Read the notes inside my mind

I’m gonna be your little girl
I’m gonna be your little girl

Make a fist and close my eyes
I’m gonna be your little girl

Drive to the beach and cover my thighs
I’m gonna warm up your cold hands

Gramma’s menthol cigarettes
Hot leather seat in a summer car

Fix this world without a tear
I can’t seem to please no one.

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