DEATH OF A GALAXY (Cashew Body 2017)

Death of a Galaxy 
Released March 2017

This album is about how it feels to be a mall, and how a mall would feel if it were a person. This album is a letter to the galaxy about insanity, society and wishes. This album isn't fair, and it's one of the most important things I have done. 

Glass boat

Crooked cracked, lines in hands
Holding on to what you have
It takes some to make some, everything you think is sad

She left home when she was young
And slept in a glass factory
Day by day and month by month
She made a boat for you and me

A glass boat

Made of glass and photographs
They pushed it out to sea
A glass museum boat out there
Is where she lived where she will be

Slept against the cold glass floor
Watching fishes all night long
She looked for monsters in the boat
She sent him home and sang this song

“I won't be there when you need me
I'll be caught inside my net
I can't be trusted for the big things
I wish you'd treat me as a pet”


Days and days of holding my head
Wishing that my house was a bed
Cleaning out my mind is hard
I'm living like an animal today
I want you to walk down to the store with me
I might lend you a way that you can see
Forget this day when i say so
I'm nothing interesting any more
If only i could wear these clothes again
Sit on top of an upside down bin
And clap my hands like an animal
And don't look down and never fall
Dust storms in the bear enclosure
Squinty eyes and dirty coats
Big box full of mammoth cakes
Dinosaurs swimming in these lakes
Step down from this, it hurts far too much
Walk into a shop with lots of clocks
Fix it all up with magic words
And pretend that me and you are extinct birds

Snake ladder

Why did you break today
When yesterday was so far away
All the animals saw what i did
Can you please fill out this form
I like you and the tiger tails
Falling from trees like jesus wood
You seem to have gone away
Staring at me in my head

There's a clubhouse that we built
In a tree out there
All the snakes will protect us
So we don't need no clothes

Fingers wrapped around all of this
And lakes filled with monster tears
Someone stole your mind today
All these things are packed away
Thank you for the dance tonight
This basement doesn't feel quite right
Your heart talks to my pharmacist
Convince me to brick up this hole.


Teeth teeth teeth teeth
I got teeth inside my brain
Fight with, fight me
I'm gonna leave cuz i can't stay

Long fingers in my ears
Picking out these teeth to sell
A million dollars worth of teeth
A million years of hell

Biting down inside this head
Feet are moving fast today gloves with fingers all cut off
Giving up on what you say

Werewolf brain attached to me
Killing all these memories

We pile inside an old man's car
And none of us have any keys
Teeth are on the floor again
and put in drawers and in my eyes
and spike this fist and wrap me up
and sleep a million million days

Talk to Ghosts

You are going to be okay one day
Though I’ll let you know, not for a while
You're crashing through things thinking you're right
You want everyone every night

It's okay to get so sentimental
The things you do are that important
Hold every hand that comes near you
Write it all down your mind will fade

I wish you could open your eyes up quicker
She'll stay your friend forever you know
When you get punched in the face for being you
Thank this world instead of falling down
Light these things you see on fire
It's funny plus it says something
Drink as much as you can now
In the end they all drink me
Fists are bloody and full of answers
Cleaning up a china doll
Face the wall and talk to ghosts
And wake up in a shopping mall

Giraffe Attack

This wasn't worth writing about
This isn't worth speaking about
Jumping on and off of moving trains
People experimenting on my brains
Pulling into someone's Town
Falling off of someone's list
Hide in the tent with circus clowns
Hide my wrists and hide my fists

Stepped on by a giraffe's foot
and looked inside the hole in me
pulling out the things in me
and pushed me out to the sea

The long blue tongue was cleaning me
Make me what I shouldn't be
And pulled out all the grates with fishes
And pushed out every person's wishes
Sleep under this train tonight
With my digital watch to give me light
And read up on your history
And learn how to escape from me

Zero power

It's completely selfish to be afraid
When he's actually killing someone else
The only thing you're able to do
Is listen to the noise and walk it off
The only thing you can actually do
Is avoid the world and sit and wish
And wishes never helped before
And who will listen who is there?
He's never been around before
He left this town a long time ago

And you have absolutely zero power
To save anyone and to save yourself
And you have absolutely zero power
So what's the point of going on

And hiding in the basement now
If only you could talk today
If there was something you could say
It's howling like the blood in my veins
We all leave on a million trains

And you have absolutely zero power
To save anyone and to save yourself
And you have absolutely zero power
So you might as well just go on.

Evening rotation

I think I'll be reaching soon
For something to make this stop
I can't speak at all
I need to feel something here

You might close your eyes
and see us sitting there
a gift from another world
Clipping off splitting hairs

She might pay for me
When I am what I always am
I might pay for this
When I am what I always am
Living in too many times
I both hate and love my sleep
With your back against me
I tied together every piece
Stepping into your place of work
And strapping on your face at work
And holding back your every word
And holding on to something wrong

Something is living

Walk through this with naked feet
Through the snow and through the heat
Something lives in these trees
And something died inside of me
Don't drink this water
It will make you ill
Don't hear these warnings
Don't take these pills

And climb up this hill
And breathe and scream again
And bottles by the train tracks
We'll never talk again

Something inside your hands
Tells me that you finished
And walked away from this
And walked into the trees

something at the top
the babies at your feet
Spinning in the forest
Someone I need to meet
Spinning in the forest
Someone I need to eat.

Shoes are south

Why don't you walk with me for days
Through city streets to meet yourself
And shoes with holes under the toes
And every things about your health

And stay away from me today
My tongue is made from some snakes
you'll be beaten down beside a train
That wants to take my fears away

The boxes stacked up in the basement
Are filled with toys and maps to you
I wish I could cut out my mouth
And pack it up with both your shoes
There's something out there Beyond the city
That cannot be a real thing
It's far too real to exist
I've given up on everything

Where is she
we've been looking hard
And believing in these lies again
I miss her and her lizard friends
The world is far too big today

Midnight Madness

This is what the sugar did
It made us need to come back home
We walked inside the parachute
And sat down until the parents came
Hold my hand I can't ask you
To walk in Step beside the shop
Making stories up with you
From your bottom to your top

Travel past this spider who
Has perched on top a blade of grass
He's a lookout for this place
I'm a lookout for your arse

Lying on a pavement
And I'm lying on this pavement
I think that you should tell me
About all the mail that you sent
Living in a man-made bubble
Two-way mirrors and rats
Silicon science projects
And Midnight Madness brats.

Abandoned stomp

I walked with my big boy boot
And stomped on the people
I thought they had some guns on me
I thought they could save me

I stomped on a homemade doll
I stomped on a raccoon
I stomped on a TV show
I tied up and captured you

She hangs meat up
In the living room
Wait to see
If it will dry
The dogs
From around the neighbourhood
Circle me and
Catch these flies
Zip myself up
In a sleeping bag
And watch the TV
In my mind

Sometimes when we meet up
I say a prayer and fall asleep
Pile of rocks in the bedroom
Made up stories that you can keep
Small man in a department store
Wandering around inside my mind
Wonderful life is so predictable
I can't help but stay alive

I got a message for the young people
I gotta tell it to them tonight
I got the same message for the old people
You've gotta meet me somewhere tonight
abandoned Street, abandoned Cinema,
abandoned house inside my mind,
abandoned car in an abandoned lot
A band of people follow me here
Listen People I am lying
I'm the man you want to be
I am lying to your mother's
To make them want to be with me

The upgrade

This walk is wrong
A million walks
And this is wrong
Where the hell are we
What is this place
I've been here before
But what is this place
Anything associated
Has fallen to the ground
Kicking through this mess
Whenever I'm around
What once was just a house
Has now become a city
Everything should be better
But everything is kind of shitty

I scratched a name
Onto this wall
I found a phone
So I could call
They made this for someone
Someone who isn't me
In my mind I'm sitting
And watching the TV
Work and buy and work and buy
I'm inside this machine
All these people I'm around
I want to make me clean

I know that I can't drive
This walk will have to happen
The shortcut sliced my mother
Down to something she could see
And off there in the distance
I see them coming down
Landing on this Relic
Of someone else's town

Steam Street

Down on Steam Street
The Frogman shakes
Listening to the footsteps
Behind These Gates
He's a beast
A nowhere nothing
Clipping out stories
He knows it's coming
And the kids all down there
All know about it
And No One Believes
When they shout it
And there he sits
Shaking in his shoes
And even he knows
It's all bad news

Down on Steam Street
That kid is helpless
Trapped inside this
He can't escape this
What kind of a monster
Is this kind of monster
He's probably just a monster
Who was eaten by monsters

I'm trying to walk this off
And my shoes are broken
I'm trying to shout this out
But my words go unspoken

With the power of my mind
I think I could levitate this
And hold on to your ankles
And soap up and clean this
And even he was scared
And passed me some bottles
To fill with my tears
And sell to the teachers

There is no conclusion
Just Steam down on Steam Street
She stares at the future

I stare down at these feet.

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