Phases of the Moon
Released March 27th 2019

This is the transition. The culmination of a disaster. A realisation and a release. Looking into yourself and seeing the things you are most afraid of. Seeing those things reflecting on everything around you and burning through the lives of the people you know. Confusion and sadness, loss and new beginnings. It's the weirdest tarot card reading you ever got. I wish I never had to make this record. But I did, and it helped.

Someone Else's Broom
 Why do Solutions exist
 For problems that should last
 And eat right through you
 Until the whole world is sad

 She's keeping track of all her mistakes
 And following the road to this place
 Where the people abandon themselves
 And gave notice a long time ago

 He's tying up these boots again
 And sitting on train tracks again
 And questioning all of time again
 And he piles up books and people

 It's clear to the person
 Who's on top of this house
 Who's eating his lunch
 And watching this play
 It's clear to this person
 Who's selling these tickets
 Who's sewing up his pockets
 And who's paid by me to stay

 She's thinking of clocks
 And the Man in the offices
 Clearing up her mind
 With someone else's broom

 And he can't help this
 It's the pattern again
 But it's a pattern for friends
 And this world never ends

Angel Pan
I looked up at the stars
 And down at my body
 Put my hands on my chest
 I guess that I am dead

 Because there isn't anything inside
 To push my blood around
 But it doesn't stop me walking
 And hanging around downtown

 But I got no Direction
 And I don't know where I'm going
 And I'm pretty sure I don't have a home

 I'm reading at the table
 And this basement is too hot
 I'll type out all my memories
 But I guess that I am done

 Learning how to live
 Well I'm looking for a heart
 And in this broken boy
 Something begins to start
 I'm cooking up ideas
 In this Angels pan
 She's cleaning out these boxes
 I left in my head

 It's like I know this existed
 Before I was even born
 I will make sure that me and you go on and on.

 Clicking on and off
 Like a pigeon who doesn't fly
 And someone who doesn't lie
 This person in my life

 It's only people dancing
 When all these dogs are finished
 I can't let go of feeling
 Like I'm to blame somehow

 All this is is perception
 I see it from my window
 I can't begin this sorrow
 And it is over now
 I held your hand in winter
 Cleaned up my bedroom
 Touched a face in my mind
 And I can't see it now
 Floating in this body
 Lake swimming in this River
 Makes me want to shiver
 And go to another town
 Fold me up like paper
 Like I was Jackie Draper
 Waiting for my dragon
 To save me somehow

 Time to hold my own head
 And fall into my own bed
 And lie about what I said
 And clean this body out

A Catalogue of Sounds
 I stole that cooking egg
 And placed it in my stomach
 It blossomed and grew up tall
 It stayed with me from Spring till fall

 I heard your voice in my room
But you weren't there again my friend
 It was just a tape of random words
 That broke my heart and kissed the birds

 I closed my eyes and I pretend
 That your fingers are real again
 And pressing down on these keys
 That unlock doors between these trees

 I can stretch my dreams around your back
 And hold on tight and start to pack
 All the sounds in catalogues
 Forgetting things I thought were mine

 And in my house you're here again
 And I can only hear you sing
 You slip away from everything
 Til I forget all you have been.

The Clean Up
Sidewalk looking like it's Christmas again
Feeling like she kisses all these days
Pluck out a feather from a duck in the kitchen
I can't organize unless the lady pays

She sits on a bus on a ride to town
Ties up her shoes like a circus clown
Twist off her arm to discover some books
Cleaning my table and tipping all the cooks

This coffee is a werewolf
I can't see the sun
I'll pick up the losses
I'll watch that girl run

Clean up this closet
Filled with everybody's fits
Fill up the swimming pool
With all these cherry pits

 Watching these people sit on the street
 Waiting for a phone call to save the show
 Terrible human being sitting in my socks
 Wonder how much longer until I get to go

Time Is A String
Any day now I will sew this up
 Any day now I can fill you up
 Any day now I will be your friend
 Any day now I will make this end

 Time is a string
 Hold it in your hand
 Stretch it across this land
 And cut it up when you can

 I feel like I am relearning how to behave. How to consider people how to collaborate. It's all too early though. I feel like all the world has been put in a bottle with water with glitter and stuff and mixed up and it's spinning like a whirlpool to calm the children down.

Move That Shadow
There's a bag in the closet
 And it's full of my feet
 Every single inch
 That you would ever meet
 Pulled out of this chair
 And away from this house
 And away from your mind
 And away from this house

 I gave her a photocopy
 Of a list of my things
 And never heard back from her
 And all these things she brings

 There's a shadow I made
 Across the back of a car
 That's moving away
 But won't get very far
 The sound concealed
 In a strip of tape
 Could fix up this problem
 And send me away

 Lay down your fingers
 On top of a suitcase
 And clap with your left hand
 On the side of my face

So many people here with me
 This man with a green Hood where does he sleep
 Jobs and families and pets and none
 All waking up inside the sun
 I don't even know if I should still believe
 And all the things I thought about
 That I thought made up me
 Is there some kind of tree
 Is there any reason
 Is there falling stars
 Up in the made-up sky

 Waking up and going out
 And going home again
 All this stuff that's in between
 Is all just rotating pain
 Pull me out again she says
 And fit me in somewhere
 Place me where I am loved
 And start this all again
 People in the streets
 And people in my head
 Everyone is living until
 Everyone is dead

Everything Sucks
I don't like anything cuz everything sucks
 And I think I might cry again
 And there's something in my eye again
 And she wants to go away again
 And it's all my fault again
 I guess I'm a werewolf
 I might lose control again
 I understand you
 But I can't stop loving you even though everything sucks
 But she doesn't want to touch him
 And she's out that door again
 My heart beats too fast
 And I think I might cry again
 I think I want to die again
 It looks like she'll cry again
 I just want to hold her
 And make it go all the way
 And look in her eyes again
 And we both cry again

 I don't know if I'll get through this cuz everything sucks
 I don't know what to do cuz everything sucks
 I wish I could patch this up cuz everything sucks
 And if I was a better man everything might not suck

I'm not even certain that I used to exist
 I'm someone's idea of a person
 And if I am all the things that they proved
 Then who has been living inside these shoes
 It doesn't make sense that I am alive
 Walking around and unable to drive
 Filling my body up with all of these things
 That eat me away and make me forget
 If I did what they proved I did
 Then maybe I don't need to live
 Around all these people who forgive me
 I can't believe I'm really this Beast
 Selfish and heartless and a stain in this house
 I must have forgotten I wasn't alone
 Smashing and falling and forgetting the promise
 And a small part of you will never forget
 I'm not even certain that I used to exist
 I'm a made-up person inside my head
 Killing everyone that I get to save
 I don't know this person that I really hate

Inside Stuff
 And she walk down to the river
 Though she talked like it was Christmas
 Feeling through the water here
 And pulling out all these fears
 I will collect the inside stuff
 And catalogue all of you
 And wonder why it doesn't talk
 To all the inside stuff right here

 Playing with your memories
 And telling stories of these games
 Small world lives in smaller hands
 And nothing ever feels the same

 Hold my feelings in this egg cup
 And start to throw away my eyes
 Spinning around this feels like thunder
 And other random tiny lies
 Clean my hands off in this water
 Clean my feet and wash my words
 Written down outside this building
 Spoke out loud and never heard

 Hold onto your inside stuff
 It changes shape but stays this colour
 Rub my eyes and say it's true
 Hold myself while holding you
 Clearing out a space on my shelf
 Beside these books and under plants
 This is broken and won't be mended
 I'll just replace these tired hands

Broken Mirrors
Is it a mistake if you do it for years
 Is this world fake and just filled with tears
 Can anyone repair these broken mirrors
 Can anyone ever subside her fears

 Confessions of a bastard kind
 Fall from me like snakes on ice
 Tongue kissing the Frog man in our house
 I'm so ashamed of my abuse of power

 Hold your face in both my hands
 And kiss it better and make up plans
 And wonder if this fog will clear
 And hot glue gun on broken mirrors

 What will it take to fix up my head
 And step up and hold all this broken glass together
What will it take to patch up your heart
 And hope to even start
 To get through this bad weather

 I dipped inside this head
 And make believe that I am dead
 And take that man behind a shed
 And slice him up for all he said

 And you are something that needs a break
 From all the things that I can't take
 And there's no way that we should live
 Without a good place to give

 I won't leave there is no way
 I'll just kick out all this pain
 And I'll fix everything save the world
 If you would just still be my girl

 I'll cut it out and pack it up
 I won't feed it to dogs because that's mean
 I'll cut out this beast and teach it tricks
 I'll change this town like you've never seen

 I can't give up I can't let it go
 My mind like circles
 And tracks in the snow
 I'll hold on to this promise
 And I'll make you so proud
 Make you so proud.

Take my fingers in your mouth
Pull this day for a week at least
Bite my fingers in my mouth
touch these people till you burn this house
clean this mess on my knees
fingers bleed under my sleeves
Wait for something to pack this up
Mail this letter and seal this up

Fix your teeth you awful creep
And stop the sounds while you're asleep
Send me to another home
Where I can live inside your bones

Clap for you on top of this tent
This is where my life was spent
Cleaning up a vacation cellar
Where I found you sleeping Underground

colour my eyes and hair
Like I was never really there
Call me up when you are done
I cannot sleep under the sun

Plant your tree inside my stomach
And feed me fish and fairy tales
Push me down a waterfall
And buy me fruit and Rusty Nails

 I can't even touch you it makes this place disappear
 I can't believe anything is happening anymore
 Looking under your skin for too many years
 Now I can't open my eyes because of all these fears
 I'm not allowed to help you I'm a person in a trunk
 Everything is leaving a life isn't these things

 It is just a nightmare and I'm walking on this bridge
 Barely holding on and slipping off this ledge

 The hand that I was holding is covered in Vaseline
 The person I was holding is turning into steam

 And Marbles and steam and steam and marbles
 All lead to the same place a place where you're not here

 All the words I ever said
 Will die with me when I'm dead
 I locked them up in my head
 And sleep with them in my bed

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