a secret underground journey by boat
released august 2005

the journey starts with the beginnings of the lost lizard girl, and follow the path towards gilbert town. It talks of an amazing prize, and the reasons why and why not the journey should be made. What the journey has done to Mary and the fate of Jenny. We will visit the diabolical sanitarium where dr. hedges brings new things to life, and visit various people who could teach a great many things if only we would listen. Locked up in a box in the basement taking a journey in your mind.


She is in high school
She’s in the cafeteria
She is looking at the roof
And it is gone

She is choosing the most perfect outfit she can wear
And she is telling them
That there’s nothing that they can say again
She wasn’t all that
But she was just about enough

And when you’re coming to her
And there’s nothing ever
going to fall down on the floor at her feet
this high school messiah
and she’s telling you just what is in your mind

fly me out to New York and we’ll have a chat about it one day
and it’s over now

and she’s eating up the tofu again
please shut the kitchen door
and high school girl

and it is all over in the cafeteria

stage me again

oh please stop me from making this play for you
it’s the end

clamping down on it.

Why Why Why

Hey hey hey oh my god
It’s the end of another day
There’s no fucking way to describe you
Except for why why why
There’s no fucking way to describe you
Except for why why why

And I think I’m gonna write a book
and get it published on the street
And hand it out and you know what it will say, it will say

There’s no fucking way to describe you
Except for why why why

Why why why
Oh god damn my eyes are just fixated on you
And I’m rolling to the ground
And I’m looking up at you
And there’s nothing around
And I don’t know why I just continue
When I know that the end is here
And I don’t know why there’s something that I can do
And it’s behind me this year

There’s no fucking way to describe you
Except for why why why

And you know there’s no fucking way to describe you
Except for why why why

Oh stop it now
Oh make it end
End it all
And you know that this is it for me
And I’m through with it
I am fucking through with it

But you know it’s coming again next year

Stop me before I’ve had too many

My beautiful woman to cry on to
And lie on to
And lie to and lie to again and again
I just can’t stop shaking my head

There’s no fucking way to describe you
Except for why why why

Goodbye Jenny

The train has come to town and everything is packed
And you have on your waist coat and you have on your shoes
And I have tied a ribbon in my hair
And given out my boxes full of things I care about

Goodbye Jenny it’s been rather nice
And everything you gave me I gave you back twice
Goodbye Jenny I will miss you soon
And soon as I have something else to do

And I think I could be better
Better off dead
Better off without this madness in my head

I fill up a jar of jelly beans to count
And at the end of the parade I see you walking down

And goodbye Jenny I’ve given up again
And everything you told me is everything I sent

Goodbye jenny I have something left
Something on the card table
Swimming in this mess

Soup Story

He is walking along
And he has 37 legs
He is walking along
And he tells you tales about the old days
He’s the man with the big black coat
And he’s sitting in your garden
He’s the man with the secret agenda
That specifies your birthday

Oh god, please sit down

He was a sailor
He was on a very big boat
And when I thought he’d save her
He came home instead

Feeding me soup

Eye eye eye eye eye eye eye eye
He’s got the most perfect eyes

Pretty Dress

Picking out a pretty dress
Picking out a pretty dress

I am leaving
I am going
I will not stay
There’s nothing that you want to do

I am leaving
I will go now
I won’t stick around
I am packed and I am ready

I am leaving
I am going
I will not be here
I’ve made up my mind

Picking out a pretty dress
Picking out a pretty dress
It isn’t what you see
It isn’t what you see

I am gonna go away
I am gonna go away
And I am gonna go away
And I am gonna go today

I promise for sure this time, my dear.

Jenny Hadn’t Done Anything Wrong

Jenny hadn’t done anything wrong
Jenny was only careless
Jenny hadn’t done anything wrong
Jenny was only careless

Took one to many steps on the wrong side of the tracks
Took too many cigarettes with her in her old backpack
Jenny hadn’t done anything wrong
Jenny was only careless

Looking down at her shoes to see if they were tied up
Looking down at the ground to see if there was any change, Jenny

Jenny hadn’t done anything wrong
Jenny was only careless

One look back and she was through
Slicing across her neck just like it was butter
Oh Jenny, I’m so sorry
And Jenny, this is the end

Heading Out West

there is nothing on the streets tonight
save for the seven year old playing in the puddles
locked out and saving her pennies
saving up for another day

up in the attic the mother waits
waiting on her home made table
waiting for everything to stop
the rain, the sun, the box of guns

never knowing which way you should be pointed
but always walking to the east
always to the east she said
with the scarf she can't take off

saving pennies until today
the 16th year that she has been
her mother a wasted away corpse forgotten in the attic
of a house that they moved from back in 74

and all the pennies added up
are just enough for a train ticket
conductor yelling at her to come
she cashes it in and thumbs a ride

she's stopped by water and builds a raft
she's so god damn handy with her tools
and her scarf and her rosy cheeks
she finds a bottled filled with paper

write a letter on the news
the queen is dead and I am coming
and the leather glove she wore last Christmas
is finally getting some use.
And she is heading out west.

Mary’s Vanishing Act

Slipping down like the wide eyed girl
In the basement of the brothel
Slipping down like the end of time
And feeling every prickle

Stopping all the man made rain and
Gluing the broken pencil
And Howard told us of the danger
In the elevator

Decent people holding hands
Of children in the playground
Are just as guilty as the witches
In the courtyard of the valentines

And Mary said that she was leaving
to go back to the city
When all of sudden the sky was filled
With ravens from the valley

I sometimes wonder if its real
And if I need some clarity
I sometimes feel like this is nothing
But a vanishing act of Mary

I board a train and walk down you
And wait for something older
And look out windows facing walls
That tell me that they sold her.

The Car At The Bottom Of The River

I have taken off my shoes to sit with you
and I have taken off all my hair
when nothing is an octopus I fall down on my knees
and beg you please please please let my live in my car

there is a gas powered lamp for me
so when I want to read I can see
and nothing seems to look like it once did
when I can't be afraid in side of my car

rub some meat all over the doors
and wait for the dogs to come to me
their meals will never ever be far
when I am sleeping in the back of my car

What I Know

And you don’t know what I know
And it’s coming too slow
you don’t know what I know
and I think that it’s gonna end soon
you don’t know what I know
and I know that it will never be like
you don’t know what I know

and she’s coming but she’s far too late
and she’s coming but I know that I can’t wait
I must go now and I must leave here
And I must go now and it’s far too late
And I’m walking away I know she’s arrived
And I’m walking away and I know this is it

she don’t know what I know
and I know that this is something that’ll never regret
you don’t know what I know
and I know that I will never ever be wet
you don’t know what I know
and I know that this is coming down on me
you don’t know what I know

and I’ve gone to the place where I always go
and I know that it’s starting slow
and I’m sitting in a puddle of rain
and I know that there’s never gonna be a train
to take me away to that place
that I know so well
in my face

she don’t know what I know
and I know it’s going too slow
and I have nothing against you
but this is something I just have to do

won’t you please stay there
and I’ll jump in to the air
and I will never care
about everything I’ve done


I am asking you to lay down again
I know that it may be a very long night for you
I am pulling off my fingers again
and I know that I will be giving them to you

I am thinking about all I shouldn't again
and I know that it is all I do
I am detaching the flesh on the back of my neck
and sawing it in two

I can feel the rocks in my shoe
and I walk through china town
with two pieces of something skeletal
and something that is wrong

I am at the airport again
and there is six months in my hat
and I sleep on calendars
and smuggle Siamese cats

and fortune says it's winter time
and nothing is upstairs
and I will never stop all this
and I won't sleep tonight

Dr. Hedges

I saw a fish with a man's body
however he was still very short
he was locked away inside
inside a place that shouldn't be
dr.hedges please insert a spice tube in me
dr,hedges, please insert something in to me

I once saw a man with the body of the end
he was blood red from all the salt you poured on him
something never sat quite right that night
and something never felt quite right

and dr.hedges should be saved by christ
and dr.hedges should be slowly sliced
and sometimes I feel like my head is glass
and sometimes I feel as though time doesn't pass
and feeling you would save his soul
and feeling sorry would be too much

and one day I will see your hands
inside a man who drinks too much
and one day I’ll see him drown
in autumn leaves and autumn clowns.


1: Daphne
Got on the bell bottoms that she buy
Never gonna put those rocks in your boots
Put them in then your gonna kill
Never gonna fly with the frogs in the sea

The middle child of three
Never gonna get what she wants
The middle
Never could it be.

2: walking along
walking in those leather boots
got a new hairdo
Daphne you never knew me
but I knew just what to do
Daphne you never knew me

and I knew you went down
wearing those
gonna get you

gonna put on those sweet little pants
and walk along down the street
never gonna give me a dance
gonna wear them outside
when the rain lets up

never gonna come back home again
middle child
never gonna get me

3: One day Daphne was walking in the zoo
one day, one day this will be you
one day Daphne was walking in the zoo
and she went down beside the river
and she got rocks in her brand new leather boots

and Daphne didn’t think twice about throwing them in the river
and all was well once again
you see Daphne was the second of three
Daphne had a lot she could be

And no one is ever gonna tell her any different any more
Daphne was the second of three
And Daphne has a lot she can be
The brand new boots at the bottom of the river


I would gladly pour out my eyes
and never have to see anything again
and never have to be this thing you made
and never have to be anything again

I would slowly vaporize
in to the air after you died
I would never want you to
have to do anything for you

I have bought myself a ticket
to take the train across the lake
and I have saved up every cent
just so I could play this game with you

and I will read the last page first
and tell the world that it's a lie
and I wish that I could send
myself a way for another day

I only wish that you could see what lives inside
I only wish that you could blame someone for all these days
I only wish that you could be my home
I only wish that I could get myself to go

Silver Pens

drawing rings around your eyes
with silver pens that never lie
I follow you down to the floor
and I’ll save for you a little more

and you shouldn't sit there any more
and if you do you'll lose your soul
and I would like to buy a car
to drive away and hold your hair

I’ll finish up and paint the walls
and walk back down the school halls
I take the largest knife that I can find
and carve you up if you don't mind

I wasn't alone I had my help
I stop the world from spinning round
I wrap you up in a moistened towel.
and call the sailor up to sail

sneak right in to empty houses
look around and play with mouses
follow down the metal pipes
and find the box with all the lights

we take our clothes off, turn it on
and sit in front of it all night long
and watch the arms twist and spin
and watch the girl swing on the swing

and when it's done we feed the dogs
and go out side and sit on logs
and untie Dennis who was on the tracks
and tattoo each other on our backs

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