wooden implant
released october 2006

Wooden Implant is a secret record that lived far too long in my head.. recorded while hidden under blankets and whispers in the middle of the night, trying so hard to keep everyone and everything away from it... it is about compilations and time travel and disappointment.. this record leapt out of my head and didn't give the chance to stop it. it is yet another attempt to reconcile the different parts of the universe and match one thing together with another, using things from the past. it is a prelude to what would be happening next.. a plea for the big booming screaming things in the world to sit crisscross apple sauce on the dirt and try to see what is really going on... there is a lot of chances for me to realize how deluded i really am also though.

Maria Ström did some spectacular photography for this record.

voluntary confinement within the box like a little pet she keeps me trapped inside she keeps me alive but not inside never give you that pocket change never see me rearrange never get an airplane fare only see me pretend to care I have built this lamp for you I read four books before I was through It’s coloured red and green and blue It’s parts are old but it’s just new Everyday at this time I get something And no one sees the things she brings Tying up her ballet shoes She danced for me and read the news I had a dream that I could swim I had an island and something high Mermaid did a belly dance She shed some tears and said goodbye

sister ledge there is a row of cocktail skirts that never got the chance I wandered in to your back room And spilt coffee on your pants Looking down from sister ledge Off boxes of your diaries I felt compelled to clean your face With nothing but your hair And I will start with your toes and I will go all the way up my dear And you’ll be the cleanest girl I’ve seen all year I can taste you all the way All the way to the stars

renovator stepping on the sidewalk with boots filled with balloons I give you it my dearest I give you all my moons Bleach is on the radiator This window needs some paint She smells her hands when she comes in And prays when she is late Your tongue she said is peppermint Your eyes taste just like olives And when I transform candle sticks I’ll help you with your walking I lace up pants and socks and shoes And mouth and hand and finger You’re not going anywhere Not while I have eyesight Her hands smell like she wants them to She laughs at something broken She sits down at my feet again And smiles at the pipe I’m smoking

old shoes I have shoes on They are very comfortable I am in them they are tied right up I have shoes on They are mine And they are on my feet And they are walking down these steps These concrete steps I never knew why you Ever asked me to go down On this flight of stairs I have something to show this man And he’ll never wanna see it again Please give me an origami bird Set in flight for you I’ve got no split ends my dear Walk past the barber shop I never mailed out my  deposit slips for you again

street parade everybody gonna come down down to the street today everybody gonna dress up everybody’s gonna play everybody gonna come down everybody come in to the street everybody’s gonna dress up it’s time for me take a little finger tape it to my head take a felt tip marker and paint you red everybody knows that the truth is here everybody’s gonna cross the bridge tonight everybody’s gonna do it single file everything is gonna turn out right don’t know who lives up those stairs gonna find out tonight got me a plan, it’s written down written down on a stone in town everybody takes a look at you never gonna know what they could do implant things inside your head so they can see when you are dead Sunday is a special day for me Gonna go down to the city Got my brand new pair of boots They got silver toes, that’s just for you Wrap something around my waist  so I won’t have to take a taste of Everything that we will eat The best of all is you my dear Gonna take a little nail And tape it to my thigh I know where I am walking These people have no eyes It’s been organized The street parade And everyone in town Is so excited to attend They all will come right down

captain of the benches cantaloupe covered kitchen in the summer solstice waiting at the corner for something to rejoin us hold on to the handle and press my face against windows that are looking at people’s bedrooms I’ll beg you to come closer And stop you from your shell Please give me one more minute I have a box of things to sell Drag my feet to downtown And take a special bus To get me to the basement Where she will wait for us I haven’t got some eyesight And I can’t see this bench Where he was always sitting Commanding her in French Take the can Slice it up Rake it along your gums Everything comes to me When everything is fun And I will give you something when this day is almost through I will give you something when this bench is on it’s back

implant I'm feeling wetness on my bedI'm feeling wetness on my head I don't have anybody to talk to Why don't you bring the propeller home and I'll glue it myself I don't have to follow everyone I know I am not alone anymore.  Come.

non existent people eaterI’m pretty sure that you never existed everI’m pretty sure that you’re inside my head I talk to you more often than I talk to anyone I don’t understand why I’m speaking to the sun In fall time I will walk the pathway to the school I’ll never understand why she stopped me And called me a fool All I did was ask the time of day And nothing will come close again Hold a séance in the basement of my mothers house She tells me that it’s something I should do I ask her what is it that you believe She says my son, it’s you I’ll never give you nothing that you never did want I’ll maybe knit you a sweater And in the end of the day when I’m being tucked in I know I will feel better I know her - she’s atomic. Anyone with any sense would buy me a place to live So I could store all the things I have inside They are protected from the rain that pours down upon my head She hid under the chair and there was no one there She came out at half past three, my dear She hid under until it was all clear And when it was you should have seen what I seen She danced along the walls Like a spider running from fire And nothing I could say would change her mind Asking me if I was a liar I never gave you something that you never did want she said When I tucked you in to that bed

the last tooth give a little wink even if no one can see it’s a little secret something that you can be crawl inside my mouth sleep inside my mouth play a little hide and seek in somewhere that I’ve found tie you up in plastic bags and kiss you when you’re bound slice a little flesh right off when someone is downstairs and feel like someone’s in the seat when there are no more chairs sticky rashes from the heat all over this young girl I swear to you she’s perfect still Blackened like a pearl Whip cream cake on top of her I fell down a flight of stairs I put my eggs inside of this And my gum is in her hair I swallowed down a photograph Of someone I once met On a street in marble town She gave what she will get I never knew that you would be The last thing that you saw I’m in a tractor outside town I gave you my last tooth

tiny boxes rubber hold around you rubber lady container find a tiny pocket that gave you something later go out back and choose your switch and give it to somebody who cares enough about your head that they will make you bloody a photograph was taken once and locked up in a dresser when it was seen by random ghosts a coyote said he’d bless her five years down a movie script he never gave an answer to someone that was big enough but never was a dancer she still sits upon this box that never opened once and still she starts inside these walls and speaks to no one’s tongues

the actress There was that boat filled with plastic And on the pillow laid the actress Hiding under piles of cloth And fending off piles of moths She made her way to Gilbert town And didn’t see anyone around She pawned her eyes and bought a knife And took some money to kill his wife Three days past and she was sleeping Underground the mice were creeping Around her feet and on her legs She couldn’t find the bag of eggs She didn’t want to act at all She climbed the staircase up the wall She tried to tell them what she did But no one listened to her again She licks her teeth and close her mouth She cuts her legs off at the thigh She doesn’t need to walk no more

She forgot how to say goodbye Not everything is what you thought Gilbert town is in your mind I don’t know if you’d understand If I went down to open your eyes I know my head is telling me Just what it is that I should believe And if this man he doesn’t come Then I know I will never learn I don’t have anything in my head I don’t have anyone at all Where is my Gilbert town
patch of dirt beside the bridge In the mail I once received A video tape and a box of leaves A thread made from human hair And something that wasn’t really there Skinned my knee on the way out And brought some fruit to feed the birds I planned today for hours last night And set outside with bags for you I know a bridge And I know you Patch of dirt beside the bridge Everyone is welcome of course Patch of dirt beside the bridge In the bridge Something carved on the railing Built myself a man made coat To wear the days it rains the most Like when the skin on the back of your wrists Is on the cart that I once pushed I’m going out of town today To find a girl that I once made I knelt down to see all that I said And pushed myself in to my bed My eyes are in a box outside This box is filling up with rain I wear my coat I promised you And see your feet outside my stain Patch of dirt beside the bridge Everyone giving you a kiss Patch of dirt beside the bridge All is coming tonight Bring your baskets

ghost town sleigh bells Once I saw you you had bird's wings I paint your feet tonight, alright my head is made of this and she won't stop me any more I'm done with this I know you painted this and I can't stop you any more I know you painted this and i am crawling on the floor I'm done she licks my teeth I comb her hair she licks my teeth I comb her hair she licks my teeth I comb her hair she's mine and I will time it perfectly

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