Waiting Around In Buildings
Released May 2013

This is a record about a person who really doesn't know what they are doing. Where your ideas about the world are a completely different colour than what is really happening, and the stories about you being some sort of superhero are all lies.

Resounding Yes

Ask the question
you know the answer
smell the answer
It s a resounding yes.
I'm feeling very boobular.
Touch you in your pants spot. Yes.
Resounding Yes.

Coward Towers

Theres a black spot
on this thing we made
and I'm ripping it open
to see what it's got
it was a fleeting feeling
that went too far
and i don't got a car
i don't got a car
and i'll scratch this kid
while i'm climbing out
and sleeping on sofas
in someone else's house

there's a frog in my pocket
and that mouse in my head
underneath the bats
like her insides he's dead

the more i close my eyes to this
the longer the cuts inside her head
and the paper work is made from trees
sitting on a lion on my knees

Dust Day

There's a box of books
that got emptied today
placed above my door
on a shelf made by me
a thousand thousand pages
written out by hand
slowly compiled
over a hundred years

dust day, it's a dust day.

and when I'm gone
and you're still here
you can take a thousand pictures
of people i once knew
and send them to the army
and they will send them back to you
and staple up my dresses
and make a telephone call
and ask for the manager
to manage all of these days
and i might fall under the steps
and roll into a hole
and keep this all taped up
while i decide if this is right

Wooden Lips

please follow me home
you've got no shoes to call your own
you smell like someone who lives alone
i promise you i will give you food
shot down a pirate ship
they were planning on taking your hair
to sell it to a painter made of eyes
he used it to cure someone's life
my hands don't seem to open up
when we sit down inside this tub
we tried to get clean as if we could
my lips always taste like wood
piece by piece i build you shoes
and fed you top last weeks show
they ate you up and asked for more
i never thought that you would leave home

i just saw a man made out of string
he's tied up so tight that he can't even dream
he pulled off his rain coat and gave it to a man
who never stopped you from being all you can
your hair grows like a nail
inside a plastic case
and i'll give you all my money
and let you leave this place
you never knew you could get there
if you didn't try
and my lips are made out of wood
and you opened up your eyes

flagging down a street car so we can get a ride
go to the restaurant and pretend that we are blind
and open up the menus and feed our eyes with words
and go back to the swingset pretend like we were birds

getting down from this tree is easier than i thought
it's guarded by a woman who can not be alive
unless you write some stories that make her dance around
she'll grow a tail and come back to your town

A Pound of Five

Theres an old man with some shoes
covering his head with an old towel
he's hiding from the people outside
there's nobody on his steps
ring the door bell one or two times
he's coming home tonight
he;s coming home tonight
he's got his hand in a fist
this man will never be missed

he knows
how many is in
a pound of five
he'll stay alive

there's an old girl standing by a tree
she's looking for something and it ain't me
sitting down on a chair she made
there's nobody here that she can save
looking in the distance
looking for her friends
she wishes she had
a cat to pet
nothing inside this girl's hands now
she's looking at the snow
and she's looking at the clouds

she knows
how many is in
a pound of five
she'll stay alive

there's a young boy in the back of a car
we're driving far
we're driving far
he doesn't know where he'll be taken today
he looks at his hands and he starts to say
he shuts it up way too fast
he knows his notes will never last
he's failing this one
he'll never be fun

he knows
how many is in
a pound of five
he'll stay alive

here we are standing right here
looking backwards inside this mirror
looking at you and i see her lips
all i want to do is slip
away from this
i shut my eyes and i hold on tight
i'm never gonna finish this tonight

we knows
how many is in
a pound of five
we'll stay alive

Existence Trial

I find it hard to believe that that man is still fixing that car
oil stained face and giant arms
followed home by a broken star
she was wearing orange again
and green and orange and a little blue
and waiting by the bridge for you

she looked away and left her keys
while underneath the salmon factory
someone played some monopoly with a bear
a cat, a rat, and all the things you couldn't see
i'll hide these people in my chest
and hope they follow all the rules
and i might make a five dollar man to hide inside the tree outside
i place my hand palm side up
on a table that man made
and wait for her to cough it up
and sell me things i already have
i've got no fruit out here tonight
inside this car that runs on mice
and powered by a blinking girl
who ripped out my teeth and has no eyes
she doesn't live in here
but she is here
facing charges that she exists

Jungle Shoes

there is a pile of human mucky stuff imbedded in a willow creek
just outside the town we live inside the teeth in baby's cheeks
sample some he says to you inside his parent's car
it's here for free it's here for you now wish upon this star
and here you are and here with this we wait till lunch today
there's 50 reasons why you should run and 50 you should stay

it's like a jungle in her shoes she said without her mouth
i've given you some seeds to plan if you would just let me out
and please escape i said again while tethered to her legs
go find the oceans and the trees while i remain awake
i'll decorate this box for you for when you come back home
you'll be fine inside my mind while I talk too slow

Teeth and Cheeks

Why don't you just stop
you keep away the neighbor's dog
and the people sleeping in your house
and the people sleeping in your head

and if your teeth and cheeks are friends
why won't your tongue make them understand
the machine inside your stomach is broke
and plowing fields of story books

if you don't be the thing you are
i might just fill your body up
with all the things i found outside
and dirt and hats and strings

Open my hand over your mouth
and keep it in there forever
and wait for something else to exist
existence with you once was
cleaning house
and feeding you
and breathing in
and breathing out
is far too tiring a task today
i've given out enough of me
to finish up this made up thing
I've given out enough of me

Mirror Ball

Cross legs on floor tonight
my hamstrings feel too tight
had to throw out some more bread
like memories in my head
i got out i thought i did
there is no end to all i did
i saved myself and killed my shadows
clinging to the walls in a room for us
gonna climb a hill with your hand
pretend that all this makes some sense
and who am i to dial this up
when all i want is to keep you home
is it so important to sew this up
when it's so easy to rush and crush
and there's a mountain in the distance
and aliens out there
i'm holding all the payments
till i get this sorted out
i can't feel right about anything i did
i'm nothing but some sand
in this system here
but we both live here
it's like a mirror ball
staring at both of us
let's just kick them out
split lip in a dust storm
a small apartment
for people's skin
i just want it gone
i just want it gone
shake it out
shake it out of my head

Love Vomit

I'm a dirty old woman come and touch my pants
Gonna do some gardening
whats that at my feet?
mother fucking feces and it comes from your dog

Gonna do it
gonna love you in your vomit
love vomit gonna do it in your love
gonna do it gonna love you in your vomit
love vomit gonna do you in your love
gonna do it gonna love you in your vomit
gonna vomit gonna love yo in your fuck
gonna do it with your fuck fuck vomit hole
gonna do it gonna love me right now

I'm a dirty old woman
come and touch me in my dirty old fuck
come and touch me in my dirty old hole
come on baby come on baby
i'm a dirty old lovely cow
come on baby
come and touch me
come and touch me in that spot right now
love fuck while i'm doing the gardening
doing the gardening gonna touch me in my fuck
dog feces touch me in my bottom
gonna do it like a dirty old dog

love vomit gonna do me
wanna do you right now fucking vomit
touch you in your love
love love vomit gonna touch
wanna do you in your love garden
love vomit do it
come on do it right now
do it in your love vomit right now

love vomit
this doesn't feel good
i wanna go away
i'm a dirty baby donkey
fucking you in your garden hole
dog feces in my mouth
vomit baby
i love you
i love you.
vomit love vomit.

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