three sticks
released june 2000

Three sticks is when a lot of things began to change.. and a lot of things started getting a lot more strange for everyone involved. just the nature of what the three sticks may or may not mean already makes this an album to almost fear.. what is it? what are the sticks trying to accomplish.. what was I trying to accomplish. this record was fuelled by months of not sleeping and having no real home and alcohol and new people and old people and a question about what the transition all really means to everyone involved. the three sticks were simply just towering over everything.

Night Driving

Oxidized metal fills my soul
My cracker jack suicide is in your bowl
Night driving could fill this hole
But I don’t have a license, and I don’t have a goal
You kiss me like I was dead
You know my future’s in your head
I gotta get away is all she said
My body is wasted, and my mind is filled with lead
All I need to know is that you’ll be back
All I do is live out of this sack
A future and a life is what I lack
If I keep this up I’m gonna crack
I fell like pulling out my heart
It’s what I should have done straight from the start
I don’t believe we will be apart
I don’t wanna live my life through my art
Pull out another Marlborough light
Night driving, nothing’s in sight
I know I’ll never be all right
Every day of my life I have to fight
And my sticks are always in threes
I won’t find my way to the tree
I spit on the people I try to please
Nothing’s gonna happen in your dreams
I have to keep living so I can wait forever
I keep losing touch and you keep getting clever
I walk around the streets in a useless endeavor
We made a promise that we’d never sever
You need me like I need night driving
We are gonna leave but we won’t be arriving
All my life I’ve been striving
And I want you.

Stilt Man

Like a garden gnome
She came home
With a smile so bright
It lit up the night
She asked the sticks just what they meant
And the change in the cat has all been spent
Home from labour and all rings daisy
And the next door neighbour thinks she’s crazy
But the animal trainer gave her up
To the man on the stilts,
Who raised her up.
And he liked to play with babies
And then they had one
But the stilt man didn’t like him
And he bought him a gun
And baby took a bath
But she couldn’t get clean
And the buckets of swallows
Were all in her dream
And the upside-down tigers
Who never like the show
Showed up to the door
And the stilt man had to go
So here’s the little girl
Who is free from all her eggs
She gets home so happy
That she cut up all her legs
And the smile is always present
And so is all the blood
But the stilt man’s in the tigers
Cuz he did all that he could.


I got the chickadee style
And I need a piece of ass
I want a proper microphone
There’s a class I need to pass
A group of fucking teenagers
Loiter on my lawn
Spitting up their slurpees
Like the wrath of Khan
Pissing on your lover
Is such a groovy theme
I walk up to the poster boy
And tell him he’s a dream
Rubber ducky marshmallow
And the porno-perno-pie
All the girls just love him
Cuz he’s such a super guy
Electrocute my mother
And gave the lizards up
You sat down at my card table
And put your pennies in a cup.

Tree of no reason

I force myself
To believe in the tree
Even my power
To hope is dying
I walk along
And the forest is burning
The only way to the tree
Stairs me in the face again
I don't think I'll ever
Find the tree
That we know so well
The only way there
Is straight through Hell
Your fucking bitch mom
Won't let me find
Nobody knows my baby's
on my mind
The Siamese cat
Is deaf and blind
But at the tree of reason
everyone's kind
No one can help me find the tree.
The whole damn quest is up to me
And every body thinks I'm out of my mind
and I will not get there with my made up time
And the tree, it is just for me
And the tree, it is just for me
And the tree of reason, I wont see
Because every one I know won't let me
The tree, it is just for me
The tree, it is just for me
The tree of reason won't find me
Because no one will just let me be...

Turtle’s Age

And she said she was saving me
I don’t know who I’m supposed to be
Like it or not I’m breaking apart
The story’s so long, don’t know where to start
And she said she won’t hurt no one
That’s the way it started
That’s the way it’s done
I feel so sick and my flesh is burnt
Been riding around for a turtle’s age
And I don’t like it
And I don’t like that
I never understood why it wasn’t my cat
And she said it always takes a lot more
But that’s all I got cuz I’m so poor
I went in the dumpster
Looking for rape
But I only found popsicle sticks and tape
I took them home to see what I could do
I fixed everything
But I couldn’t fix you
I could finish your sentence
Before I knew your name
I can diagnose your illness
Before I know about your pain
You can dig my grave
Before you know what’s in my head
And I’ll never leave this town cuz I roll over dead
I covered myself
In a thousand autumn leaves
Cried a pint of blood
And cut off all my sleeves
I rode a mangled pony
To the house on the hill
I thought about revenge
And all the ways to kill
Never did I think
What I didn’t need
Would be so needed
You burned a million acres
And the ground you then re-seeded
I gave you everything I know I could
I wish that you gave it all
You weigh as much as wood
And I couldn’t even call


I’ve been wrecked by you
I’ve been fucked by you
I’ve been left by you
I’ve been sucked by you
I don’t wanna do
What I’m supposed to do
And I’ve been wrecked by you
Your Pandora stew
My mind is blurred
And I vomit non-stop
And I gave you my word
About this potential drop
The anatomy
Of the way we see
Is like disappointment in the morning
And alcohol by three
The rain washed away
All the blood on my sticks
And I started again
And I planned out more tricks
And I gutted out the one
Who I left on the bridge
Who’s been painted over twice
In my drunken pilgrimage
I hate every one
I spit on the sun
And I never have fun
And I’ll do it again
The dog is spinning around
And he has no head
Will there be a story to tell
After I am dead
Cuz I keep doing what I do
Even if it’s not for you
And maybe I’ll never sleep again
The addiction of eating will surely end


Crawling up to the temple of no meaning
She saw what they said was god
On the alter she lay bleeding
Her ideas were questioned in our pod
I was born to make you cry
I was born to watch you die
Memories fade as years go by
I know in my soul it is all a lie
Cuz the things you say, don’t ring true
And the things I do, I did for you
All my life I knew your name
I just want to see your shame
He walked to them and asked just why
He did all the things to let them die
And why does he feel so good
When he destroyed all he could
She crawls to him then runs away
Not knowing truths or ecstasy
I can’t stand throwing out your name
My home just drips with all your pain
I wear a vice around my neck
And look to moons for all your head
I saw her run away from death
Into arms that I once had.

Boarder Menu

I love you my dearest
So where did you go
I sat here waiting months
And cancelled my show
Stumble up the walk way
He wore his finest dress
And the three way streets of marble
Were all so damn impressed
I smell something
That is like an old dream
And my coffee mate is mouldy
And I stopped taking cream
We sat in red shadows
We gave up all my past
The menu is at the boarder
The strobe light doesn’t last
And all I need is a reason
To waste my life waiting for a backward answer
And all I want is an underground home
With a television and horticultural cancer
The rain falls fast and cold on you
I don’t think that there’s anything you could do
I feel like a part of a dream
A dream you never had
And I’m swimming in your bleach
And I know your going mad

Box Shaped Dragon Tattoo

Stop listening to your voices
The girl said to her self
The backwards lizard made your choices
And he put his sticks up un his shelf
Run up to the basement
As she ran for her life
And sit in my bleach
While he buried his wife
You don’t know what you do
And you don’t know who is who
And she said that he will do
And she ran with out a clue
The box car is empty
And you are full of paint
She un folded her napkin
And read the old black ink
It said I saw you
I know where you sit
I seen the Mongoloid baby
I seen you take a fit
You know where the truth is
You’ll never see her face
When you are all blindfolded
By the human race
And I know that I am god
And I know just where you lie
The baby crawled home on one leg
Laid in my bed to die
And I picked up the underage girl
With the box shaped dragon tattoo
And I took her to the shelter
But I didn’t know what to do
I save it all for you


You smell like sex
And you sat me down
And you didn’t like me
And you didn’t like sound
And you walked away
Only to come back
And you pulled my strings
And you sat on my lap
She said that she was done
She won’t ever need it
She won’t ever need a plan
She won’t ever take a fit
She said that I was fun
And I gave her a ride
And my mind began to slide
And my babies almost died
You wear my clothes
And you dance with the dead
And your sold was sold
And I tried to fix your head
A teenage vision
And a house with a tree
You never knew my wardrobe
And you’ll never know me
I sat up on your shoulders
And you sat in seven trees
Her head could be much colder
She gave me seven keys
I gave up a year for greetings
The one who gave up milk
I drank so much I’m bleeding
And no one called for help
The watchtower was her bible
And kingdom came to burn
She said I love my mother
There’s nothing more to learn

The Longest April

It was raining before it began
I looked up and saw nothing
Walked up from the beach, she gave me sand
I looked up from my hand and saw nothing
It was the longest April
The world ever seen
It was the shortest sentence
That I’d ever mean
And the people hate them
And they did no wrong
And April raped them
And it went on too long
A box of chocolates
Sits on my bed
And the kitten’s babies
Will end up dead
The old man has no
Conscience about that
He sees his nurse
And tips his hat
It was the longest April
That there’s ever been
And the sharpest pain
That I’ve ever seen
They all asked why
It just wouldn’t end
And why the cuts
Would never mend
It was the longest April
There’s ever been…

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