the town fair
released november 2003

the town fair isn't a fun place to be.. and really, you should probably just run away when the fair comes around.. nothing good can come of any of it. anything horrible that you can think of happens on this record. it is about wishing you could run away. scared for your life, and building a gilbert town.


I couldn’t admit to anything
I couldn’t stand to lie
I’m not doing nothing walk with that when you die
I couldn’t stop shaking my head
And crying won’t help
Don’t tell me that I can’t tell myself
And I wander to the airport
And take all my pills
And walk the runway
With a hundred dollar bills
And its cold out tonight
And I have no comfort
I have no drink no food
I’ll sleep at the airport remember when I said I would stay
And the rain on my face
And we didn’t sleep that day
And I started to pray
And I saw a light in the sky
And blood in my eyes
And all of my lies cover you in boils
Death will never come and life is gone away
I’m laying on chairs full of pills in my head
I’m laying on chairs pretending I’m dead
I’ll step in to the sky and never say good bye
And I’ll miss everything
And I’ll miss the way you sing
And I touch you one last time
You almost let me
One day I’ll be coming home
From the everything I was
And burning under my skin
He looks down at the sea
He looks like he could be me
One day I’ll be coming home.

Suicide cult

I’ve given up on trying to sleep
I’ve been on a caffeine high for a week
I can’t function in this place
I can’t understand the human race
I changed my clothes in your car
While you were driving to the bar
And I threw up all your toads
And you left me on the road
I think I’ll join a suicide cult
Beg the christians to try me out
And wait for hours in your yard
Slit my throat from ear to ear
Lifeless body taken away
I’ll be given new life some day
They are the ones who understand
The reasons behind my plan
You lick my wrists on sunday night
I know I’m wrong cuz you are right
We line up to get our food
She says she’s in such a good mood
Touch her while you still can
Because you are the industry man
Your pants are so tight you can’t breath
The room is too hot for you to leave.

Search for the tree of reason

And I’m standing here waiting for death
In this broken down road and my head is a mess
And where was the tree when I needed it most
And I’m going insane waiting for post
And if I get there I don’t know what I’ll do
But I’ll cut off my legs if I don’t find you soon
And if it was you who walked a thousand miles in my boots
You would die a thousand times and you would dig up my roots
And you sit there with nothing
And I’m out here the same
I’m searching forever for my sick little game
And I’m walking forever and three sticks go by
And no lizards in the road will stop my eyes
And you can cut me down and salt my earth
And stop me from dreaming cuz that what I’m worth
I search for the tree the tree in my head
Because where was god when I need to be dead
And now I’m laying still on my cold metal bed
Waiting for nothing the nothing in my head
The tree is never mine I’m running out of time….
The tree is never mine I’m running out of time….

You're built for me

So I was living in a tree
I was me and I didn’t see you
Five days have past since last time I saw your face
Fucking jesus where’d you go
Looking around looking at the show
Don’t know why you smell so good
Gonna find you if I could
You know me I’m right here
You can cum my sweet dear
You never know where I’m gonna be
I think I might be in me
Give me all your fucking pants
Dance with me and I’ll come home
I will come to your window
Climb up see what’s in inside you
I know you your sleeping in my fear
The bedroom it’s red now I know your eyes are open
I’m looking and waiting
Where the hell did you go
Fucking god damn you
Now give me all that you saw
Give me your fucking pants
And dance and I will come home
I dance with the puppets
You know that it’s rupert’s
I know you’ll come home dear
I know your built for me.

Broken girl

In no uncertain way can I say that everything I touch goes away
I hate so much my skin feels so cold but not as cracked as I am old
I never know what I need to say to make all the bad things go away
I hurt you and destroy you to no end
And every morning I expect you my friend
I don’t deserve the things I have
The things I do were never that
If I could just see two feet in front of me
A happy boy is what I’d be
I rent a car to leave my life from time to time
I send a card to my sweet wife
I wish you were here
I need something
The cats never stop my hate
They just run and hide under things
I’d take something to slow me down but
I take the car to a different town
Root beer floats and candy bars
Jason montgomery where are you now
What did you see that none of us could
Who was on the phone that only you could use
But I digress with my mad rant
About memories and forgotten pants
I’ll never know why I’m so slow
At understanding why you go
So far away from the land we live
And of all these things this is what I give:
A plant that I will never keep alive
A shoe with no sister she didn’t survive
And empty box of popcorn
I was hungry while I wait
And the kiss that I sold at the castle’s gate
All these things mean little to you
But they’re the world to me
I tell you it’s true
I’m the one who broke my girl
I’ll never forgive myself.


I’ve been writing books for dead children
I read them all the time
Last night I slept on your front lawn
Cuz that is gone
You make me want to gouge my eyes out
And I’m gonna laugh at you
Give me something I can do
Give me something just from you
I need a box to put all the things I’ll never use again in
Cuz maybe one day I will slice open my head and you’ll fall out
Maybe one day when I will pray for the end of time
Maybe we will make a rhyme and live on the moon and eat nothing,
Nothing but fun times nothing but fun times for me and you
I’m sick to death I’m gonna die
I think my health is so bad
I want a cigarette and I’ll blow it in your face
Because today is the last day I’m gonna see this place
Cuz you know that I’m the bottle man
Pick me when you can
The bottle man
I’ll open up the drawer look inside
For something more
Just a little touch of the flu
You know it’s what I’ll give to you.

The dead fish symbolizes everything wrong with my life

You know me
You see me
Love the street
You are sweet
So far away
Need you today
Please come with me
Please stay
With me
Stay with me
Please sleep with me sleep
With me
My love
It’s alright
My love

Waiting for the rain

There she was just a chimney log
Sitting on the street with the boneless leg dog
Staring at the moon with the look in her eye
She never understood why this was goodbye
Walk through the headstones on broken down legs
Looking for the boy who used to sell eggs
She forgot the song it’s been so long
Wishing for the rights to all become wrong
Wipe off all the rain all around her eyes
Remembering the days and listening to pies
Our fence was black in the road trip of doom
It will soon be over and we will be there soon
Never forget the hand that covered up your eyes
And never forget the man who crawled up deep inside
And the baby duck is empty with a taste that just won’t die
And the kite that I built you it just won’t fly
And curled up in your mouth and licking the strawberries off
She sits with you and waits and she feels so very soft
While I’m sleeping in an ally waiting for the rain
You’ve climbed up my tree laughing with out pain.

Save me

I smelled you, you smell so go and I touch you and it was what I could do please forgive me I’m not feeling like my self tonight I can’t understand why I’m a man and all that I can do is give to you all the things I’ve been sworn not to do give me a chance to understand all the things I am all the things I am are shit I know that you are something I’d love to see in a ballerina dress with a man who’s got a beard down to his knees oh please understand the reason why I’m gonna die tonight thinking about all the things I can’t do any more I am so tiered of listening to doubt about me I’m so wasted tonight I can’t fight away the things you say please comfort me you can’t can you you smell like all I need tonight I can’t sleep I need to be alone with the one I love sitting in a small town with a man he tells me what’s right and wrong he knows my plan place me on your stool you know it’s okay spinning around in my house of blood and kittens… save me…

Zombie boy

I don’t think I can stand
To look at another human again
They smell so bitter sickly sweet
I used to live on the street
Taken away and bound up tight
Lick your eyes in the middle of the night
Freshly shaven lunar girl plays kick the can
In my world
He lives in a car and eats tofu
Now here is what she’s gonna do
Start up fires in your world
Hate the way you tell me to
Read that box of cracker jacks
I’ll do what you tell me to do
You’re dripping all over my floor
Tie you up and you’re dripping more
I love you when you talk to me
I’ve given up on every thing
Kiss my hair and go to sleep
Jenny’s softly counting sheep
It’s the end for me tonight
Zombie boy is just out side
Spinning gold with baby’s heads
Selling all my kids for bread.

Chinese rain

If I ate your body whole I’d fall in an endless dream
I’d walk along jubilee street on boots that run on steam
I’d pull up a chair for you you’d never come home again
I’d fill you full of pirate fish and then I’d stand up on your head
Please water me my eyes are dry
I care about your machines they are strong you say in chinese rain
All that matters now is gravel filling up my boots
Crawling on the ground the frog man standing tall
I spent a week on jubilee street just to get away from you
I found myself a brand new hat and ate some whiskey stew
Please water me with chinese rain
And fill my boots with sand
Tear me down with chinese pain
Deport me from your hands.
Well that’s it now.

Jenny’s step

When jenny walks out of her house
She stands on the step and opens her mouth
She sees what’s outside the grass and a hill
And she makes no sound and she stands still
And the day goes on with mouth open wide
With nothing out here and nothing inside
And the sun goes down and jeremy comes home
And he looks at jenny with her eyes of nothing
Shake her he says to the man in his head
But he knows he can’t and he can’t go in
And the night is long on jenny’s step
And the hill is black and so is her head
Because there’s nothing in jenny’s eyes
The way she looks out at that hill is really no surprise
When nothing happens any more
And nothing ever will it’s time that jeremy said no,
No sleep in weeks no food or drink
A mind full of drugs over flowing in the sink
Stop it forever is a thing for that
And the neighbors don’t come by
But they don’t have a cat
Something died on jenny’s steps
And it will never come back
Not the way it was
She turns to jeremy to say
I’m going in but it’s okay
I’ll be here again tomorrow.

Creep (fuck rock an roll)

I’ve just got two hours left
All I can do is hope and pray
One day you will become a real girl,
Never mind what I say today
Never let me go the rain
The rain on your boots
Feel it never needing anything
Thank you so much
One day hope and pray
One day you’ll become a real girl
Save you from what I do
Never know how to stop the rain
Please let me sleep tonight
Fuck rock an roll
Fuck, fuck, fuck,
Fuck rock an roll
Fuck it all
Never fall down
Hate so much
Touch me
Fuck rock and roll


And the rain will stop soon
And this day will end too
And we’re dripping with water and spinning in puddles
And I have never needed it more than today
When you have gone away
With nothing to say
And my bag is my kingdom
But I’m not the king
I’m useless and bloody
And a wreck of a mess
One last time to say it
And you walk away
One last day to be here
But you know I can’t stay
I’m losing your battle
And I can’t stand up
And when I first started
I was given one cup
And I used it forever
And today forever ends
And I’m crooked and nothing
And I’m no one’s friend
I smash up my knees
And loose all my sight
And the rain is dying
And so is the night
Now I’m beaten and covered
In everyone’s blood
In a white room with nothing
Boots covered in mud
It’s time for surgery
To fix all my faults
They will take me, create me,
And make me their own
Slice down my chest
No anesthetic you say
My insides are out
On a rainless godless day
It takes forever
And now forever ends
With me on the table
I’m less than a man
And this is what you need
To keep me alive
No rain and no me
And nothing inside
I feel me going paler
And there’s nothing to do
And there’s nothing for me
When there’s nothing for you.

The town fair

The man sits on the train
He’s looking at the sky
Red is the name I use for him
He’s coming home tonight
And I think its alright to stare at his shoes
Leather and cotton and all you do
Coming home coming home
To the town fair
He’ll meet you there
Beg for you to come open the sky
Cracker jack eye blessing the ground
With all we found
So far away today
It’s a tragedy how he has to be
The last one out the gates tonight
Up high kissing the sky
Blessing the moon with the look in your eye
The town fair
He’ll meet you there it’s the last night you’ll ever know
End of days are sure to give all that you need
Bless him and his greed
For he is the one who sings songs
He is the one who’s gone tonight
Final trip home I can’t understand
Why you sit and spit at him
Lets take a tour go to school
Of life and death and I am all you want
Please stop me
Town fair
Last one out of the gates
I hate everything
Stop the way I’ve got to get off the carousel,
Carousel please stop it now
Too much for me to take last train home
To the town fair bless him
And all he’s done for you
I am nipping at the heels of the metal man
Begging him as much as I can
Please let me off it’s going too fast
Take all my clothes away
Spit on my face
Give me a reason not to go home.

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