the factory in the city
released march 2006

The factory in the city is an experiment in performance, recorded live february 26th 2006. The album also comes with a dvd of the live performance. The factory is in the city, and isn't necessarily a place you can walk in to.. it is the daily motions of the people who live in the city and the stories of how they live their lives.. the things they do, and the things that get done to them. various searches for the tree, and various attempts to destroy it.. the lizard girl shows up to take care of the flora, and it is all a return to the beginning of fukachuk egg machine. coming full circle and back in time. each person is important, and each will be forgotten.


I was sitting in the bottom of the basement looking down
At the faces in the bottom of the ground
Licking the last of the liquid pouring out
When I once saw the people who were eating on the ground

I have been here seven years in total
Waiting for the end of my waiting period to come
And it was the start of summer when I was told
That I would see the ocean I would see the ocean

And I was made a promise that I would see the ocean,
and I haven’t seen a damn thing yet
I was promised by someone
That I would one day be soaking wet

And I was made a promise
And it hasn’t come to pass
And I was made a promise
And it hasn’t come to pass

Living here for the last five years
Has taught me to search in side my empty boxes
And living down here for five years
Has done nothing for me… nothing

I get the things from catalogues
That keep me alive when all is lost
And just this week I bought some hunting gear
And looked around this cellar here

And she made a promise that wasn’t kept
And she made a promise that wasn’t hers
And I have waited long enough
And I swear to god I will get wet

Darling, I found you
Darling , I found you
And all is well in heaven
And all is well in heaven


Waking up in the morning and pulling on my skirt
And pulling on my stockings
And pulling on my hat
Waking up is ever such blissful joy

And I have fed floyd just 7 times today
And when will the neighbors just please go away
And floyd had given up on catching mice today
And I can’t remember what today means anymore

i have have a job as a medical assistant
in a free clinic downtown
I walk past the coffee shop on my way each day
And Harvey never smiles any more

And the people I see always look at me
like there is nothing in my soul any more
and they are the ones who lie to me
and forgive themselves each night

I have a secret closet in a room at my fathers
And he never knew it was there
I have a secret closet at the house where I grew up
Where everything first happened

And I met a lot of people when I was in school
And a lot of people forgot me
I met a lot of people when I was in school
People that will shortly know my name

I see them in my closet
Naked and dismembered
I see them in my closet
Writhing like animals having sex

And one by one I slowly cut their bodies
Their paper skin will bleed on me
And one by one I slowly cut them off
From everything that they think they should have

And martin didn’t know me
And martin wants to fuck me
And martin is my boyfriend
And martin doesn’t know me… my name is Ellery.


I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world

She is walking to her corner
Walking to her corner
Walking she’s alone now
She’s alone

And no one ever loved Idra before
And no one ever saw Idra before
And no one sees Idra at home
And no one sees Idra alone
And no one ever noticed
And no one ever noticed

I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
It’s the truth

Why won’t simon love me
Why won’t simon love her
And why does simon love me
And simon sees me
See me
See me
See me Simon

And when you face hits the wall it tastes like valentines
And when your body leaves your skull it tastes like valentines
And when your simon helps you fall it tastes like valentines
And when you nothing any more it tastes like valentines day

it tastes like valentines day
it tastes like valentines day
it tastes like valentines day
it tastes like valentines day

I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world


I was 22 when I met you
I was 22 when I started building this machine
I was 22 when I lost you
I was 22 when I took over your dreams

And without knowing I would have cut them down
And without wanting I would take away anything they had
And she is a mother to all the everything
Everything Large and small

She cut his skin off in one precise motion, and wrapped it around herself
She chewed on the bones and the bits of muscle and fat that clung to him
Gave away his remains to the lizards that lived down by the hollowed out log
And she set off to the city herself knowing that is where she would get the most exposure

The people on the street are used to a good parade, and mrs. Holland said it was a good day for it, the music crept in first before anyone saw the show, and as nothing was scheduled no one knew quite what to expect. The lizard girl stopped the train ont he way in to town that was carrying the gilbert town circus.. who as we know go traveling from gilbert town to the city at least twice a year. They would follow her down the street, and they did just that, all but the strong man who’s wife was sick that particular afternoon.
And as the music was carried through the air people soon got their first glimpse of the lizard girl over the horizon. She wore oliver proudly and twirled the three sticks high above her head. Oliver should have never tampered with the forest, and he should have never started building that machine so many years ago, when he was 22.


Perry. He had a good job
Worked all day in the factory
Making rubber bands for the women at school
Making everything just feel okay

Perry. He has a very good wife
Sitting all day in the factory.
Never going out to spoil her hair
And her brother Perry will always care.

Perry comes home at five.
Never let the garden grow at all too high.
Picks a yellow rose for his wife
His sister always pregnant with his unborn child

And Mary never seen the world
It’s a miracle that she can speak at all
Never saw another human not once
Not until she accidentally broke the rules

Perry likes the taste
Of an unborn baby in sweet plumb sauce
Never have to hear it whine and cry
Only have to be there to watch it die

And Mary sat alone in the kitchen
Portioning out the meals for next weeks mission
Home alone all day with nothing to read
Nothing to watch and nothing to see

And Mary, found a secret key one day
And went out side to see children play
She saw a man eating carrots and peas
And saw a lady like she’s never seen

Mary, it’s not supposed to be this way
Everything outside rejects what he say
And for 27 years she has been told
That nothing in her mind will ever grow old

Three times a year is harvest day
And Mary doesn’t like it but Mary will play
It doesn’t feel good but it must be done
How else will they eat if they don’t eat their son.
As he started to pound away
Beat the brat out and she can stay
Mary found a match and lit it bright
And Perry went away that January night.


It smells like gasoline
And the books are piled high
And you know that you will die
One day underground

Locked in a tiny room
With a smaller room in there
It smells like burning hair
Everyday, underground

When there’s no one to stare
I can wear what I can wear
And it doesn’t matter any more
When life as we know it will end for sure

Linwood is a gentle man
smoking a pipe in the Asian sand
Fighting for what is in his mind
And watching everything slowly die

Help me
I can’t get out
I’ve locked myself up
And I can’t get out

Help me
I’ve got no food
It’s 3 feet away
In a metal tube

Help me
Because I feel weak
I once understood
But I’ve sprung a leak

And I see me on a wooden raft
And sky made of fire
And a man at my side

I know you from an ancient dream
You were pouring mum coffee
I was pouring you cream

And why sir, would you come to me
When I know the raft is faulty
And I know this day will drown

And what is this you are giving to me
A folded up paper full of words I can’t see

And you hold me and read me word
Pouring out your mouth like niagra falls

Forgive me, though I know you can’t
And I know that I did wrong and I know that there’s no chance

Forgive me
No I can’t


Veronica, she’s all tied up
For what she did in her dreams one day

The bearded woman’s husband is two feet away
And nothing she can do will stop the things he say

Veronica with a tiny hook
From the head to the toe she has changed her look

Veronica you immoral bitch
How dare you do all the things you did

You can’t stop her
She’s butchered
The peoples imaginations
Finely woven wires in a tightened knot
Wrapped around her tongue and pulled through her foot
Finger nails have been replaced with wax
And slicing down her front bits through her back
There is a tube containing a secret oil
Inserted in her throat and draining in her chest
Keeping her alive so that she can see
Veronica’s ideas aren’t like you and me

And the ropes are hanging low from the ceiling fan
And tied around her feet and around her hands
And finely crafted steel inserted in her cunt
Because of what she did to the bearded lady’s runt
And hanging up suspended in a room full of glass
She tightens up her chest and pours out her laughs
Theres nothing she can do now that would stop their fun
And she blankly stares at people until she thinks they might be done
The blood is spilling faster as the dwarfs underneath her
Are filling up their hats and feeding it to leopards
Who’s cages are all open so they don’t miss the show
That no one in the city will ever ever know


James lived under the tree of reason he got there by train one day when he was very young…. Far too young to remember anything before. But he lived there, and he never did understand what it all meant. He didn’t bother anyone, and the lizards would come visit him and bring him the things he needed to survive… which wasn’t much, considering his residence. The lizards would come and go day after day, but after 22 years he still never understood their language. The lizards however continued to keep him alive, and generally happy. One day Linda came to the tree, which in it self would be an event that would cause great excitement… Linda traveled far and had to overcome all the obstacle that stood in her way, and after all that she had made it, she had reached everything she could ever want in life. James had never seen a woman before, and as far as women go Linda was beautiful. James tied her to the tree… he didn’t have a voice so he couldn’t say a word… he fucked her for hours and hours, until she was nothing but a quivering bloody mess strapped to the tree of reason, unable to speak either any more. James had had his way with her and fell to dreams. Upon his awakening he found him self in a tiny box, james was underground, buried alive, and his cock had been sawed off, and in it’s place a single stick. The pain was incredible, but he would not die… he wasn’t allowed to… not yet. The beasts that live under the soil would have a feast tonight, and above the ground the lizard girl licked Linda’s wounds, and she was wrapped in a silver blanket and placed high in the branches of the tree. And Linda’s blood poured down over the leaves and bark that made up this tree, protecting it from the winter that was coming.


Isabel your walking on
The pathway to another home
Stepping careful round the log
That fills you full of mother’s milk

Breathing in the sawdust from
The many nights you spent with him
And setting all the clocks back to
the hour that I had with you

Misery has filled your pockets
With the powder from the store
Mixing it with blind man’s tears
Until she feels a little more

Isabel is walking on the stilts that she made
Isabel is falling from a man made tree that reached the moon
Isabel is going to the house that she can’t call her own
Isabel is taking this trip all alone

And Isabel winks shyly at
The boy she sees across the lake
And Isabel can’t help herself
Though this may just be her mistake

And on a Sunday afternoon
She cleans the laundry room
Walks along the banister
In her underwear, oh who would care

And dreaming of a made up place
Sky painted on her face
And Isabel won’t change her clothes
There is no point in anything


She has a flash light so she can read
The poems she wrote for you and me
And she knows this isn’t real
The way she thinks she makes you feel

Walking hand in hand with ghosts
That smell like musk much more than most
She always has a pen near by
Just in case she must tell a lie

Isabel never learned to swim
Or boil an egg and other things
But Isabel can fly a kite
And name the stars she sees at night

Wire Woman

I’m gonna lock it down.
Chain it to a home made raft.
Kick it in the river full of blood and teeth.
It will sink to the bottom and stay,
she laughed. I need no explanation, not any more,
every thing you wrote is propaganda
and it’s thick and I love it,
and I need it, to get myself back up.
I opened my eyes in a boutique.
And bought you the short black wig.
And you gave it to the wire woman,
and you danced with Victorian pigs.
But it’s still all at the bottom.
Being eaten by vampire fish.
I sat naked with the plaster face.
Nailed my hands to feet and wished.
If you make that face too long, she said,
you will stay like that forever.
So I made it as long as I could
and dress the wires up in leather.
Because the wire woman,
spat up teeth and chunks of meat.
All cradled up in a leather corset.
Her hand are nailed to feet.
She cried for it for half a month,
she wished it to come back.
I spun around with nursery rhymes,
and lived within my back pack.


something in my eye
There's something in my head
he's eating up my soul
he wants me to be dead

He's sixteen and the time
the time is all lost
He's sixteen in his mind
and she says that's the cost

Five years older
than my mind knows what to do
Five years out side
My soul is still new
It's hard to be old
I ache to be cold
My soul I have sold
and I can't leave 1992

Please understand
that I want to die
The truth is too much
to learn I cant get by

Slash up my face
you don't know its me
change my name
now you can't see

Leave this fucking town
you don't know where I've been
End this screwed up life
in my mind I am sixteen.

Eggs for sale

Eggs, eggs, eggs for sale
I’m gonna molest your snail
I eat no fruit, I am so pale
Set up a stand, I got eggs for sale.

Please relish me, fantastic chest
Please favor me, you pathetic mess
You know you dig me, pony tail pest
You know you’ll lick me, you’re the best

Psyched out nympho see you fall
Messed up bimbo won’t you call
I’ll dress you up like a baby doll
Suck my eggs on a grassy null.

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