small things
released july 2007

This record has come about over many months of writing and recording while a great many things were happening. It’s about those things that escape most people when they get too old, and quite honestly I don’t know why they become so unimportant. The things that are close to the ground.. it’s metaphorical, but it is physical in a very real way as well. It’s the reason why paying the rent becomes more important that finding a piece of broken off wood out in the trees…. Why did drawing lines in the dirt become something you don’t do any more?
I am not convinced it has anything to do with the separation of children and adulthood, as much as it is some sort of social reprogramming that takes place every where all the time.. It is a rebellion against everything that we are supposed to think is important about life… and a question about why the world got this way. And it truly IS this way, and there is very little anyone can do but question it. I am not an idiot, and I know paying the rent is important… but I am more concerned with the way people live their lives to pay for the basic essentials. It doesn’t seem right, especially when there are things so much more important.. things like a secret rock in your pocket, and a hidden note in the rip in your pillow. It is all these small things that will in the end, I believe, keep humanity alive..


Sitting with the Siamese in the basket of your head
Waiting for a single second when you don’t want to be dead
And laying out the rules that will never come to town
And I seen your face before when you used to come around

And there’s that cold table where everything comes to pass
And silver metal shivers that are pressed against your ass
When all the leather in the world will never let you go
I seen this man inside my dreams

I may take some pictures and take a pamphlet home
And make a little slide show for everyone I know
And pack it in a briefcase that’s made from my friend’s hair
And let the world just happen like I never really cared

And while you lay there lying with ceilings you can count
You feel a small incision that frightens family members
When all you can remember is all you have in pockets
With pockets lined with chocolates it’s easy to forget

Imprint me on the back of your eye
And burn me in with nothing but time
And scar tissue builds up these walls
That seem to keep out no one

I will feed you my eyes

Drainage inside this
Feeling some fish
Liking all this
We may never

I stuffed up holes today
Falling down on top of you
Cleaning out a dresser drawer
I found something new

I am happy to say
That this dust has all gone away
Holding on to something like you
As proven everyone wrong again and again.

And mary kettle drown last night
In a box with little light
And the whole world thinks that this is a lie
But I assure you that I will try

I will feed you my eyes

I have successfully entered here
Fearing that you might try to move
And rented myself a top rate room
I give away all that was clean
And I will dream again for this
And hold your hands under a bridge
While I can only change one thing
This thing is hiding till the end.

I will feed you my eyes

Something stops me from this nothing
Waiting longer than I should have
All is falling to a bottom
That we fished for in a million

Sidewalk walking from a circus
To the tent where you will see this
Places with these shining towers
I will see it end in hours


I have a box of books
I have a bag of salt
I have afghan rug
I have an astronaut

And I have too many people
Asking me some things
And they are all running faster
Than anything I can see

And even though I feel something
I don’t think it’s the same
As when I used to hide in stairwells
Hiding from the rain

And I don’t feel pretty
Not at all today
I might buy groceries
But I don’t think I’ll stay

Pig Man

Pig man whistles in the moonlight
Thinking about all that was right
Hammer housing to the wind chime
He stops thinking in the meantime

Under bridges in the gravel
All the mysteries unravel
Chocking on your spit again
I sign away my self to you

Dearest will you find my hat now
I have so many things to tell you
Placing handfuls inside you
I can stop you from seeing all this

Why did any of these things die
When I was only pouring these nights
She said something in a taxi
Makes me wonder what does that mean

And I have never haunted these walls
And here is something to get you through
He telephones a man from downtown
To take his hands to fix your head wound


Plastic on your eyes
Forgetting to be paralyzed
Killing the birds in the house
Falling from dignity tonight

Please sleep with me
I have no pockets
Just papers stapled to my shirt
Telling me what I should wear

I hate myself for looking too much
Wander through a peep show
Piling up all your faces
In mustard covered places

I forgot to say grace
When I was eating in your place
You taste like watermelon
When I can’t find my self again

I lock myself to trees
To stop myself from the city
And slowly cut my eyes
And never realize

There’s nothing I can really do
But try to forget you
And there nothing in this box
That I can take away.


Catch a dragonfly in my mouth and pour some salt along these windows
Smell the wood that this is made from and park myself along the highway
I can’ stop looking for this necklace, I swear to god I dropped it here
Inside the pile of rocks and branches I can’t disguise the things I fear

Hung a baby from a tree top made the people stop and stare
No one wanted any of this no one seemed to really care
And the moon would rise and ask for all this
They are went back home to cry
The people that were washing my hands were the people who I built inside

And why did jenny have to do this, why did jenny have to die
And a Styrofoam monument from someone like her is sitting on the tracks tonight
I can’t seem to stop myself
I can not even seem to start to put these pieces back in your mouth
All we ever need is there

She said to me her face gets dirty when she placed it in the mud
She said to me that this won’t happen not here or ever or any time
She said to me she can’t get dirty, she doesn’t want the rocks beside her ears
She’s wearing clothes that cost some money and this is why she won’t come here

I don’t have the time I used to to pour the punch around your glass
And sometimes I would take you and clean your face and mouth and back
Taste it taste it feels like Monday and every day when you are lost
Don’t stop these things tonight my lovely.. it never should have even paused

I place the wheels on someone’s car and place your breath inside my hands
It’s time I took you somewhere better somewhere where the sticks have fell
I step inside a mouth that’s large enough to see my eyes
And roll you up in sugar my sugar girl will both my eyes.


I am sweeping this hallway tonight
I am getting out all this dust
And there is nothing left in this jar
And I am alone on top of here
I can not possibly fit into this
It feels so tight that I can’t breathe


I have never given up a malted thing to you
I sometimes feel like nothing is rolling out for you
Catch me in the bottom of the hole behind the oak
I never gave the woman all the time she does deserve

Pliers in my pocket always falling to the ground
Seeping out the doorway in the ceiling of your car
I fondle everything that sometimes covers up my eyes
And just in time for dinner comes out all my favourite lies

Killing me in tree trunks while I bolt up all my doors
Occupy my time handing out all my worthless chores
Please don’t think I’m leaving when all I say is this
And all you ever whisper is a perfect little kiss

I beg you for forgiveness when I close up both my eyes
And sleeping in this bed while I dream up some more lies
Bracelets made of cotton for the man who milks this town
I dress you up in my hair and I’ll never bring it down

Betting on some transit to take everything away
When I can’t sit here longer than the end of this day
Biting down on hair while falling to the ground
Cover up my eyes so I never hear this sound


Seven hours waiting room
Filling up this bowl again
Waiting in a rusty spot
Filling up this doll again
And seeing this again can wait
Until I promise you away
I killed myself inside again
And wish while I sat here again
Pulling me out of this room
Will never make me forget you
And stopping me from being this
Is nothing more that this I guess
Squeezing this inside my head
I’d give it all just to be dead
And she sit in a room out there
Looking past a wall out there
And thinking that one day it comes
When nothing comes again again
I never should have been like this
And solace comes from blistered feet
And pile it up in me again
I’m all there is to clean again
Growing on this pedestal
Watching everything just pile
And barking like this sergeant’s dog
Like nothing every makes this stop
Fall in to this corner hard
And sleeping never comes to this
All I ever need from you
Is plastic keys and plastic kiss
So untouchably right it was
When all I ever knew was wrong
And this isn’t anything like home
And there’s no songs to play for you
Don’t ever change your clothes he begs
When nothing ever comes to pass
And nothing asked is ever done
And nothing frees me up from you
I wish so much I die inside
Breaking from this weight she said
And all my hats are on this stand
Numbness heatless hitting hands
Park just down the block he says
And we can tie up books in bed
I gave you something that I loved
And lost it for a life in here
Falling down the painted step
from bed to ground he makes his head
I gave up on all these small things
To keep you from the killing springs
Carved out wood while I knew you
And painted on the wooden shoes
And saw the last part of the sky
And touched my tongue against your eye


Sucking on my hair
I don’t think it will end
This way that I’ve become
These things you know I am

And I know that it cuts
You in your twisting side
You given up your self
And I know I always lied

I lit your face on fire
And poured out everything
I gave you zero notice
And told you where I’ve been

Walking in this room
It’s hot and coloured red
It smells of gasoline
It poured out of your head

Talk to you all night
And try to understand
Just what it was you were
Were you here at all

Tie up all these dolls
And bring down all these words
And everything you seen
And all you made them say
And everything you heard
And what you told me to
And all that ever breathed
And sounds you never knew

The Shop

Take me in this shop tonight
While shop keep owners fall behind
In things that taste like parent’s sheets
I stopped this day before we meet

Biting down on things I know
From another day I met this town
And came here looking for my self
From different times when I was something

Slide me in to you tonight
I’ll lose my head if I think you’ll stop
Salty girl around my waist
Watermelon is all I taste

I wound up something in a box
And bit down hard on something soft
And saw the dead inside my head
and once again is all she said

the sand I found inside this box
would make a snake just need to stop
looking in to someones mouth
on top of chairs in china town

strip me down and hit my feet
so no will ever see
the things you do inside of
strip me down and hit my feet

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