rats and perineum
released September 1998

 This was the first fukachuk egg machine record.. it was recorded at a time when things were going off.. huge explosions.. giant leaps.. lots of coffee, and a very important underground room where a lot of things began.. and a lot of things ended. Some of the songs were recorded the previous summer, and the first fukachuk song "The Tree of No Reason" was first put on to the SC 15th Anniversary compilation cassette. But this was it.. this record.. this is what got things started.

Leaving Downtown

Ever get the feeling that nobody really cares around you
Ever get the feeling that nobody really cares around you
Plastacine children in a Styrofoam world surround you
Nothing like a nice cold bath to bring you around downtown
Doesn’t really matter what you think I won’t listen anyway
Everybody’s jumping up and down thinking that you’re the shit every night
You and your friends go chug down ale and you are so tight
Doesn’t really matter cuz I don’t wanna listen to you, I don’t
Doesn’t really matter cuz I think you’re nothing but a fool, a joke
Don’t you know what it’s like to pull out your hair, well I do
Sort of like walking straight into a swimming pool with no shoes
I don’t really know what your gonna do with me tonight, that’s alright
As long as it ends in fun I think we’ll be alright we won’t fight
World is a bowl full of honey nut jelly, that’s okay
Cuz everybody sitting round thinks my deity’s gay, well he ain’t
You don’t really care what I’m saying anyway, your straight
Walking down the city blocks thinking that you’re the one who is okay, we’ll you ain’t
Everybody gathered in a forum asking what to do about everything that I thought was good, well they should.
Came to the conclusion that it’s gonna burn in hell, I could tell.
Cuz everybody knows what I do when I am alone, and at home
Sitting downtown like I am a radio star, well it’s okay, cuz you aren’t that far.
Sitting downtown like I am a radio star, well so far.
I think you’re the one who went to the stars and brought me back all that I could see.
Don’t know why I’m here don’t care don’t drink beer don’t have a queer sort of fear about going to mars well that’s it
Gonna go there, gonna set up my lair, gonna know who’s there and that person gonna be me and not you
One person said they’re gonna come with me and they’re gonna have fun too, well that ain’t you.


So helplessly you suck
You suck off all of it
You suck so hard you bleed
I can't understand, so quit

You suck with your mouth
You lick with your tongue
"The baby worm loves me"
so your mother sung.

The fun has all stopped,
you are the taste I need
Licking, sucking, you know me
I taste your flesh, its time to feed.

Drive me into hills
Drive me give me thrills
Suck it out of my head
Suck it 'till your dead.

You look like a tramp,
So I smash your life.


There's something in my eye
There's something in my head
he's eating up my soul
he wants me to be dead

He's sixteen and the time
the time is all lost
He's sixteen in his mind
and she says that's the cost

Five years older
than my mind knows what to do
Five years out side
My soul is still new
It's hard to be old
I ache to be cold
My soul I have sold
and I can't leave 1992

Please understand
that I want to die
The truth is too much
to learn I cant fly

Slash up my face
you don't know its me
change my name
now you can't see

Leave this fucking town
you don't know where I've been
End this screwed up life
in my mind I am sixteen.

The tree of no reason

I force my self To believe

in the tree

Even my power To hope is dying
I walk along And the forest is burning

The only way to the tree

Stares me in the face again

I don't think I'll ever
Find the tree
That we know so well
The only way there
Is straight through Hell

Your fucking bitch mom
Won't let me find
Nobody knows my baby's
on my mind

The Siamese cat
Is deaf and blind
But at the tree of reason
everyone's kind

No one can help me find the tree.
The whole damn quest is up to me
And every body thinks I'm out of my mind
and I will not get there with my made up time

And the tree, it is just for me
And the tree, it is just for me
And the tree of reason, I wont see
Because every one I know won't let me
The tree, it is just for me
The tree, it is just for me
The tree of reason won't find me
Because no one will just let me be...


I had a back street vision with a clown in a cape
I know your thighs are dirty and I know you’re into rape
I see you got no car and I seen you with no pants
Your hooked on that medicine cuz you won’t take that chance

You’re swimming through a gelatin sun
You’re always naked you always fun
The people you hate, they always die
And everyone you look at you make them cry

Sitting in a cold metal chair
Shivers up your spine cuz your ass is bare
Open up your legs in the usual way
You stole Jimmy’s patients and now your gonna pay
Smelling like a cigarette parade
The hamsters and the gerbils are both getting paid
The sickly old woman standing in the heat
She’s gonna knock you down and feast on your meat
Reflecting off all your hate
Standing there naked you get asked on a date
Rubberband rabbit town blues
I’ll make your decision cuz you just don’t get to choose
You look like a vixen you smell like a prude
You lap up my mess cuz you’re always nude

Somebody found her lost mind

There's something I should say
but I've said it already
I'm doing this for you
that's all I ever do

Nobody likes a liar
and nobody likes me
I'm about to kill the world
your blind, and I can't see

Its all so stupid
and its all so nice
And everybody loves you
and I loved you twice

It makes so much sense
that I don't understand
all I want is everybody
you all know I can't

Your a waste of my time
and time is running short
I love you so much
its starting to hurt

All I can say
is you've gone away
And up in the ceiling,
my ghost starts to play

Somebody cried last night
Somebody found her lost mind.

Creep from hell

I've got a sunflower seed
in your flaming ass hole
Everybody thinks,
But I know I haven't been told
About the furry creature
Living in your pants,
And all across your body
you are covered in ants

Grandma's wearing yer best silk bra

you got the cutest ass I ever saw

You'll have to lick my tongue,
it's my brand new law

And every body thinks I'm a creep from Hell

You know I love it
When you take the train with me
Every one is looking
but none of them see
My pirate bitch
and my fucked up cat
Who is gnawing on my silver ware
like a handi-capped rat

Eggs for sale

Eggs, eggs, eggs for sale
I’m gonna molest your snail
I eat no fruit, I am so pale
Set up a stand, I got eggs for sale.

Please relish me, fantastic chest
Please favor me, you pathetic mess
You know you dig me, pony tail pest
You know you’ll lick me, you’re the best

Psyched out nympho see you fall
Messed up bimbo won’t you call
I’ll dress you up like a baby doll
Suck my eggs in a grassy null.

It won’t do

You say that I'm good
good at what I do
Well I know I'm not
I know I won't do

Psychic evil
Escapes your breasts
Hit my head madly
then take a short rest

I want some answers
I want the truth
My mind is cancer
but you don't care
It won't do.

I'm so upset
I don't give a shit
I just want to quit
but I can't
it won't do

I need salvation
down my face runs rain
burning thoughts bring pain
but I must stop
It won't do

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