popsicle sticks and tape
released october 1999

An album about renewal and the need to change. 1999 I had moved into the basement where many things would happen... this is just how it began.. a little bumpy. this is the first record that was put on to a compact disc.

People in line

Got a problem I know I won't want to solve
You know that that's the way I dissolve
You gave me everything that I beg you to
You know that I got nothing left to do
Look at the people they are standing in line
you know that none of them have the time
You give me everything you have
and I walk away like it was all mine
you gave me everything and then I left
and made a world out of what we got left
Look inside my head, I’m thinking of steel
You know that’s the way that I like to feel
If I don’t have a crisis something is wrong
That’s the way it is and you stole my song
Never understood a damn thing you said
So I walk to you and you buy my head
That’s the way the people feel all the time
They know there’s nothing like standing in line
We give them all the goods we have
That’s the way it has to happen for you
You gave me everything I begged you to
When I walked I walked right up to the moon
Sat down got a pillow got a bed up there
Something said that’s what I needed to have
You give me everything and then I’m gone
That’s the way it is and you took too long
Wait for you thinking that you’ll wait for me
I don’t think so, that’s the way they need to be
I cheer for the people standing in line
God only knows they have the time
So I give them everything of mine
So they can know it all the way
You say that I never ever gave you
And I sat alone and waited for you
Don’t ask me I won’t tell what I mean
Give me it everybody you know where I’ve been
If not I’m not gonna tell if you don’t
So you sat there waiting for an antidote
You see why I walk backwards up the tree
That’s the only way she’ll give it to me
Don’t know why the people are on my side
I watch them always standing in line
They don’t know what they’re doing there
I don’t mind if they give me it all
You saw me and I walked away
When I came in I saw you talk to me
Don’t know why the people they like those things
Gonna get down pet you that’s the way I see
You don’t know why I’m gonna go now
It’s my secret, that’s the way it is
I know why that is
That’s the way it is
Don’t know why it is
You see me and I close my eyes
Waiting for a surprise
Last week I got everything, sit back and see
Walk to the store they’re waiting in line
And this time I will tell them my mind
Don’t know why I will never give in to that
I’m not gonna roll up my pants for you.
You see my friends I see your smile
You know just why I think you’re wild
Gonna walk backwards right down to the tree
You know that that is the way it has to be for me
Don’t know why I search don’t know why I see
I’ve got to do it anyway
Can’t take it away from me
Can’t do what you do
I’ve got the right to do what I want
You’re never gonna know why I sang that song
You know that I keep my secrets with me
If you ask I will live to die
Me and you are sitting next to the line
Sitting on a blanket and never matter now
That’s the way , that’s the way we’re going to die
You love me, I know you do
I’m never gonna stop doing what I do for you
Searching for you, you know its boredom
You will give me what I needed
If you walk away get a ride, get a drive by car
You know you won’t go far
Never have the time
Never gonna spend a dime
Never gonna sit down
Never gonna have a way to go
Always bringing them home you used to say
He got it I don’t I waited for you
Never got to do what we needed to do
It was important to me but you don’t care
You see that that’s the way that I feel about it

Drinking all my milk

She’s got a tight shirt and she’s drinking all my milk
The man is back and the girl is passing out
Head like a picture frame body like a peach
Stab the crippled man cuz he stole all of your meat
You head is full of pills and you smash your TV
I can see your nipples and taste your rosemary
I take you to the hospital and they admit me
The day when I’m away I take it all in
You smashed up my car and bathed with my cat
Took a nasty trip and you never came back
Mustache in my blender phone up all my friends
Win a million dollars and lick my broken ends
I’ve got a girl she’s drinking all my milk
She didn’t give a fuck about heaven or hell
She just took a bath and she looks like a mime
She’s the one who said
All the milk it is divine

Smell the scent

I’m the one who walks downtown
I’m the one who’s always around
I sit back and look at you
You’re the one who knows what to do
I don’t like it when you smile
That’s the one that drives me wild
You’ll like me in my grave
Smell the scent that we all crave
Walking up and walking down
Spinning round and round and round
Don’t know why I come to you
Seek your answer then we’re through
I don’t know why I am here
You’re the one who gives me beer
Blistered skin in the sun
Looks like I’ve been out too long
Spinning round and walking down
Don’t really know what’s going round
You come up and I sense you
You’re the one who put me through
We all crave the things that got too far
You don’t know I’ve got your car
Everyone they look at me
I’m the one who likes to be
I will be what you’ve become
You don’t know you sing my song
You don’t know why I was there
It’s a mystery to you
And I’m the one who walks downtown

I like the way you walk

You walk around like a cat underground
Toothpaste smile your smokes extra mild
You swing around with this frying pan
The goat girl has had enough
You smell like polish dishes smashed by the fire
You walk like a rock with the key that won’t lock
You are the eater of another girl’s sweat
All I ever did was smile and bet
You smell like plastic you read like Cain
You sing the tune and you sift through my brain

Black hole

I see when you’re in my soul
I see that big black hole
I love you all the time
Every thought ends in one
Look out look back look for me in your head
Here I come here I am
And endless world an endless dead
So sweet so hot burning in the sand
Don’t keep you up
No head no back
One day we’ll fall in the bottomless cup
I see when you’re in my soul
I see that big black hole
I know that you are the sun
Every thought ends in one
Convicted trust straight from us
Leave you empty in your dust
Life spins around, around the streets
I know that we will never meet
Realize that the hate you’ll find
I pushed that cup in my kind
I see when you’re in my soul
I see that big black hole
I know that you are the sun
Every thought ends in one
Look out look back look for me in your head
Look out I’m back found me in an old bag
Here I come here I am
And endless world an endless dead
There I go and there I went
Endless dead with an endless tag
So sweet so hot running into the man
Who keeps you up
One day we’ll fall to the bottom of the bottomless cup

Stair sitting

Kiss me I know you want to
You need it as much as I do
Small life’s not small to me
Understand what I need to be
You know you’re sweet on me
That’s what I need you to be
You know that’s what you do
You’ve done it now you are through
Well you know you’re sweet on me
That’s what I need you to be
That’s what you’re here to do
That’s it now you are through
Stair sitting gives me nothing
Crazy eyes fucking cunting
I hear apple ears in my song
You’re worth more than a good fuck
You and me up here
Look into my mirror
Clean your twisted slate
Here on stair number eight
Nothing happens when I’m home
Grind against your weak bones
I need to see why they love you
I need to have something to do
Kiss me you know you want to
I need it more than you do
Break my ego put me down
I’m the one who lives downtown
You know you’re sweet on me
That’s what I need you to be
You did a good job now
You’re done now you can go now
Leave me dieing you know you would anyways


I’m the star of your half hour series
It’s action adventure all the time
Gonna bust criminals in the ass
They’re gonna love it like you
I don’t like you
That’s just what I do
And you’re nothing
Nothing but a shrew
And I’m gonna see you covered in glue
There ain’t a human you come close to
Your head is too thick for me to cut through
You’re the one who’s on the stage crew
No one understands your point of view
You sit in the doorway eating bamboo
I don’t think you are my god
Cuz you’re living in a monkey pod
You’re the one who likes my death
Caught the false baby’s breath
I see insects covering me
You sit happy under your tree
We watch the woman with the false knee
That’s what we are supposed to be
You have no job but you’re a trainee
You could fix your head if you had a watch key
Used to take it black, cream in my coffee
Thought I sold right out so I drank your tea
You’re so smart you one the spelling bee
Fifty bucks plus tax, that’s my fee
Drown myself in the Philippine sea
I will be what you want me to be
And I’m the star of your half hour program
Action adventure all the time that’s me
Gonna run around bust them all around
You don’t know that’s what I really want to be

Never got done

I never thought it would come to this
I feel so pissed, don’t know which way is up
Gonna suck everything that you know
I can’t stand it any more, I’m gonna go, my brain is rot
Don’t know why I was caught
Don’t really care about that cuz you know it’s too bad now
It never got done
And I missed my fun
You know that all I wanted is gone
You took it away its gone too long
You know that that’s the way I hate it
I hate you, I never thought I’d feel this way
Now I’m gonna take it out today
Cuz I don’t wanna feel like this no more
Never stop looking under my bed
You know its all in my head
And it never got done
And I missed my fun
Never thought I would stop feeling sick
And I won’t you know that it never happens now
Never wanna go down never wanna see around
Never wanna stop talking about the creepy old clown
You know its all I need to go on
I know that I should eat more fruit
But I can’t now, I’m too addicted to you
You now that I’m not gonna stop
Till I’m dead no matter if I’m caught
And it never got done
And I missed my fun
Never thought I’d hate this much
Never thought I’d have a crutch
And you know where it is
You see it, if you look hard enough you’ll feel it
Don’t care about you, don’t care about that
Don’t care about the fluffy old cat
Don’t care about anything never will it stop
Never will I stop thinking oh no.
Never got done
I hate you I hate everything you do
Can’t stop eating glue, don’t know what to do
You see me on the street
I duck down hide can’t be seen by you
Or you, and we meet, and I don’t care about that
And you know that is the way its at
And it never got done
Never wanted to hate and I missed my fun
It never got done
And I missed my fun
Never wanted to hate
Never wanted to kill
Cuz that’s my brain and that’s the way I feel
Always wanna pick it up take it slam it on the floor
You don’t know that I want any more
Can’t stop there, never gonna have enough
You know that’s the way I never thought I’d be
I don’t like it
It never got done
Make it stop in my head
You never know how much I wanna be dead
And it never got done
And I missed my fun
I’m a god you know
That’s the way it’s gonna go
That’s the way I’m gonna go
And I never thought I’d hate this much
And the creepy old bastards on the bus

I got someone to love

I got someone to love but the don't love me
I got someone to love but they don't love me
I think we should live for the day I think we should live for the day I want, I want you to stay
I think.
So I walk right down
down into the yard
And your standin' there
and you look at me hard
And I ask you if
if your gonna come out
come out with me
and you started to shout
I think we should roll in the hay
You think that I am gay
I know that I gonna stay
I think.
So I push you down
down into the ground
And we started rolling round
and round and round
And I think you might start to see things my way When you flip me the bird and spit on my face.
I think that he ruined my life
I think that I want to die
I'm gonna get my revenge
I think.
When I fall in love
It will be forever
But I'll never fall in love
In a world like this
When it has ended before it's begun
When you feel like me,
Then you feel like this.
I got someone to love
but they don't love me
I got someone to love
but they don't love me

Mental institute

I wandered around and I look for you
I see you standing there in a puddle of glue
Me and you we walk to our home
Your home is a mental institute for me
I loved you when you walked into the club house, me
I want my mommy to see me now, now, now…
Me and you we got the same mother you see
We got the same mother now me and you are free to be what we want to be
We walked away with a smile on our face
We walked away with a smile on our fucking face
The mental institute is for me and you…

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