Released May 2015

Patterns came about after a crashing down and a realization about being thrust into a time, place and event that was psychologically crippling. The patterns are always there, and repeat over and over. The album is about a fear that there is very little you have actual control over, and that you will become and will remain what you were taught no matter how much you need to escape the ridiculous circle of existence. It is also about a general anxiety and total fear and disappointment in the government and big business, and how they are completely disconnected from reality and actual human beings. It is a fun record.

With Patterns also came the album 'Light Patterns'
This is a different version of the album 'Patterns.' The record contains early and demo versions of the songs from the new album. It may be interesting to some people who enjoy a more sparse scaled back fukachuk.

A building is just a building

there is something wrong with that building
because I don't want to go inside it
they must be doing something in there
that I fundamentally do not agree with

I can not be placed in this situation
where no one is nearly stupid enough
I can not be left alone in this situation
where I might be corrected and folded up

I can not bare to live like this human
that we look at in this human zoo
I'm sick of learning about how I'm wrong
about all the things I need to do

there's something wrong inside that building
where they build up things inside
and stories are long and always boring
and I can not bare to be alive

she stepped out of the passenger's side
and screamed for someone top run and hide
I volunteered and got no money
but I got paid with valentines

I kicked the legs out under this werewolf
and patched up all the holes in you
I made a fist and rolled down hills
and stood up tall and blocked your view.

Moment by moment

time is leaving this house today
it finished work and went away
it left me in this place alone
and everything remains unknown

I have some boots that were given to me
by someone that I don't care to see
he left these boots and walked away
and I put them on and had to stay

he threatened that I should be quiet
and if I don't I would be sorry
I am so sorry that I was not quiet
I am so sorry I am so sorry

I wrote a book about this place
and no one read it anyway
so it doesn't matter what it said
because in the end it's all in my head

I fixed a clock because I'm clever
I sat down to dinner and lied about it
I got the last of what you gave out
and I was lucky just to have you.

come back to me as soon as you're gone
because I can't seem to be alone
I don't want to know what I really am
I don't want to be all these things at home.

The cover up

A blanket was made from pieces of people
it looked quite good and sits on a table
it keeps off the dust and hides what's beneath
it hold all your trophies and glasses of kool-aid

each square is a human that doesn't have eyeballs
skin that presses up against tables
and splinters inside them to make up more stories
I won't know what else until inventory

it's folded up in storage when the people all died
they told me it was magic and told me they lied
the pictures they lent me had men with fur coats on
I never asked anyone which way that they go

my hands won't stop shaking, same with my head
I gave you a countdown and went back to bed
I can't be bothered to sleep any more
there nothing inside of my body no more

the right side of seeing is far too alive
with all of the dead things we carry inside
I fill up my boxes and buckets and cups

with all of the things that I can not give up.

A little army

I want to sell the reasons
why I never told you

I see why the dogs are never barking
I know why the people stopped the buses
all the buses were scattered across the city

piled together and wishing for a birthday
have a party and never look back
you told them they would be safer

I saw them cross all their fingers
wishing on some plastic in somebody's backpack
they help you to never remember

press my face down
inside you
having known you mean I never miss this

I have a sticker book
made of the universe
why do the bottoms of your sandals look like tiers?
what's your mother's name
can you come and play
I know the end is coming to our town anyway

I have a uniform
that you made for me
we're in a little army in the middle of a strange street

I'll clean this up
and I'll want to stay
and I know your sister won't mind at all

I can't seem to sleep
and I drank all your juice
and I watched the television with the sound turned down

if I take in my bottles I can buy you some sweets
and we can sit and eat them on the side of the streets

my coat is mended with the pins that you stole

and you can count on me that I will never say a word

Dogs and sharp objects

Singled out in a day full of heathers
falling to pieces in front of everyone
biting my lips off to kiss something real
and pulling the feet off of something something

beaching the whales inside of a jar
I walked down the hill to pick up your coat
smelling the smoke from the fire downtown
and giving away all my toys to the boat

pulling a wagon filled with knuckles
she fell to the ground and missed the train
I can't remember all the beds that I slept in
I guess it doesn't matter anyway

keep me away from the dogs and sharp objects
I can't feel my hand any more any way
I got in a cab and rode it till midnight
I saw the last person on the street fade away

wrap that scarf around your neck too tightly
i gave up on mending and bought something new
i can't stop the crowd from calling out your name

i need something here to fill me with you.


Seized up neck inside of my collar
I closed me eyes and thought about gloves
cover my hands and cover my body
and cover the things that I always loved

I need a better plan and I sat down again
I coughed up a booklet of stories and poems
I gave out a pamphlet to people I followed
I followed them here and some to their homes

Tied this rope up to that dog
and let the children play outside
I wrote down all those faces
and stopped being alive

Baking food for the fair
I went inside the house
I pulled out your hair
and fed these people at once

I have no mentor to teach me
what I need to do today
I'm a liar and a no one
and I don't get any pay

I was sitting beside the lake
and I emptied out my pockets
I found a coin made of wood
and your picture in tin foil

I gave it to a man who walked beside me
all the way to his house
he promised to keep it safe

and strapped it to the controller mouse

Making a deal

I may never know
just what it was
that took away my eyes
from the middle of you

And I stop the bus
and ask you the way
to get back to me
when I left this town

I could make a deal
with a person there
they could bring me things
that would settle this mess

We might stop the world
and save everyone
just to show them that
we could

I was that day
that you were here
looking at shoes
and falling for lies
made up like the sun
I wore your dress
I cried when you left

I may never know
just what you were
when my eyes were down
there was some shadows there

and I built a truck
inside of a box
to drive it to you
and I wished on a star

And I want you to come to this town with me

and I want them to see just what we were that year

Going somewhere?

Travel with me inside this place
I gave you something in your face
it called to me from over here
I never thought this time would appear

I gave away my table lamp
now I can not see the things in here
it's dark and I am falling down
I can not see inside this town

the animals are on the street
looking for you and looking for meat
they found a house with people inside
you never told if those people died

a mother I think is what people saw
they saw no more because that what they saw
I do not think a mother was there
but they saw no more cause thats what they saw

a paper fell from the table upstairs
it had two drawings on two of the sides
she likes to help and is clever they said
and he like to sleep and pretend that he's dead

a dinner was served inside of a train
inside of your head I think there's a brain
it doesn't get to eat because it is full

full of this nonsense you pulled me through

The collector

The ends of all your fingers
are attached to someone's eyes
and every time they blink
you write down some more lies

There's something going wrong over there
it looks like its a film
the dust won't seem to settle down
all the children are looking ill

He took the people that he could find
and put them in a package
sealed up for all of time
and labelled with occupations

he sold them on the internet
and made a million dollars
he sold them to the people here
and gave them all your stories

worth so much more if never opened
they stayed inside forever
never moving any muscles
and keeping very quiet

she came back home from sailing seas
and stepped off of her boat
she felt her bones move back and forth
and the muscles in her throat

she shouted out to people here
Please send me your belongings
I have found a home in Gilbert town

to keep you away from your surroundings

Thumb string

She mends up clothes
and forces smiles
and uses telephones
and knows the styles

she builds her shoes
from olive pits
and rolls around
and likes to spit

I gave up on
the red park swings
I chewed upon
the wooden ring

I can not let these people here
they will mess this up and disappear
and go away and will not help
I need someone to let me out

I built this up for someone else
I do not know the things I said
I can not hear the words out there
I will not hear the words out there

I'm ready to go out again
the winter's over and here it's spring
the grass is wet and so are you
I found a picture in the mud

I need some string around my thumb
I can't remember anyone
I can't remember things you said
my whole past somehow is now dead

do you do this to your self
or is there something with your health
I can not believe in me

or this very brittle tree

Snow days

And I caught it
from you again

I will be there
when there's no more people here

it's all I do.

feeling socks wrapped around my feet in the snow drift
still can't understand the reason anyone stays here
in a place where no one seems to change in or out of me
I'm so small underneath it all I can not make a change

We don't have to stay here
I'm thinking about leaving here
waiting for the right time
when I can rescue everyone

It's all I do.

Parting ways with the city that closed it's eyes
feeling soft underneath my tongue I can't even see
holding on to the only one who ever cared for me
and leaving town because it's all I

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