mighty planet
released april 2012

This record is actually about the mighty planet earth, and was made after seeing a lot of things that were too incredibly idiotic, and things that were the most amazing sights I had ever seen in my life..It was made while being stuck going no where and travelling as far as I possibly could.. and how both those things make a person be better than what they ever were before. It is also a bit of a disco album.. not sure exactly why.

Fukachuk Egg Machine - Mighty Planet

No hair

Small scale replica

Of giant transformation

Fitting in a box

Made of marmalade and patience

Powered by a motorcycle

Driven by a bear

No one is there

No one has hair

Reading out my tea leaves

Underneath the stairs

Pockets filled with small fish

For lucky poster findings

Hoping I’ll fix everything

By closing lips and hiding

No one is there

No one has hair

Green grass

Different layers fit between

My thumb and all the things I see

And flapping wings and breathing smile

Today is such a massive day

And every day is a massive day

And every day I hope you say

That I have been the best I can

When all the things inside my hand

Are falling down beside my thumb

I keep on telling you I’m dumb

When all the cats inside this town

Follow chocolate mice around

I keep having to introduce myself

To people that don't exist

The colours are too bright today

There's ten million things that I have missed

I swallow down this food you gave me

Thinking that I’ve had enough

And walk around inside your veins

And pout my lips to show I care

Eat it all and be alright

And be the right shape every night

Click the clock into the time

When all the people fit this place

She stole your milk

And made you cry

But you stitched together

All your clothes

Street signs

My fingers are sore again

And I can't seem to understand

Circular things outside

And I seem to always hide

And hold my hand again

While we wade across this sea

To be with the only things

That make some sense to me

It's all backwards here

Things turn all wrong ways

There's things that I want to be

I keep just being me

I’m not as scared to fall any more

But what good is it for

When I can't cross the street

In any way that pleases me

Socks in a proper knot

Feeling inside my shirt

Below it's always there

I’ll sit on all your stairs

Inside my eyes at night

Actually all the time

Little bits fall away

Some bits are there to stay

You're right almost every time

I see that now, it's fine

Initiate me in this club

This club's for all of us

Juicy fruit

Juicy fruit, juicy fruit

Chewing you up

Right now

There you go

Down low

Juicy fruit

Gonna walk to the truck

Gonna step inside

Gonna see all the dogs

On the side of the street

They're barking outside

Barking in you

Fuck you juicy fruit

Go back home

Through with you chewing you

Go back home

I know you feel you're right

And your flavour is strong

But fuck you juicy fruit

Go back home

Come back another day

And all the people think it's okay

Not now I’m sick of it

Come back another day

Juicy fruit

Fuck you

I’ve had enough

Enough of you

Juicy fruit

Fuck you

You taste like nothing but glue


Little blades of grass

Under foot today

Can not see the sky

It has gone away

Click click click she says

Underneath her breath

Living in a home

Made from years of dirt

Stepping near your legs

Stepping on the earth

Ribs are pulling out

And want to leave that town

Making room for you

While you make no sound

And I have understood

Some more things you said

They roll around outside

And roll in to my head

Open up these arms and eyes

And fall down all these steps

I must be brave today

And make sure this one's kept

It only makes sense to be inside this

Falling over shoe box

And give you my kiss

Ear walls

Eat your food bit by bot

Study the walls and then you sit

And my two hands free themselves

And cover my eyes

While you are here

Don't let words

Break down these machines

That were built by mending

Socks and jeans

Fill up holes with apple sauce

And put straws inside

Every drink

Study the walls and

Talk to him

He'll paint you a new mouth

Hands and skin

Soda pop fills up my mouth

Tilt my head back

And build your house

This machine is strong

And might work well

I wish I could paint

Folded up silk

And hide inside only

Some of the time

Do up your new coat

And wave goodbye


I’ve got a farm

It's not a real farm

It's upstairs

I’ve got a farm

The only thing there

Are piles of chickens

Piles of chickens

Well they're all cooped up in a chicken coop

And it's living in my mind

And it's there for you

And I promise you that I will treat them right

Every day and every night


Well they're all cooped up in a chicken coop

And I promise you that I will treat them right

And I’ll only use them for they're eggs

And I’ll only give them both my legs

And I promised them I will not see

And I promise them that I won't be

All the things I need to keep on being here

I’ve got a farm

It's not a real farm

It's up stairs

The only thing that I have there is chickens

Little chickens

And I brought each and every one

And I saved up

It was from the heart

And it was dreams coming true right and left

And I put them down

And inside their nest

They are laying those eggs

I’m gonna eat them up

But they don't mind because I treat them so good

Those chickens

I’m gonna use them for their eggs but thats okay

Because I treat them right

I say I’ll do my best this time

And they believe me because they are nothing but fucking chickens

One or two might die this year

But it's okay because there is always more near to my heart

Those little chickens

It's okay if they go astray

Because I’ll just make up these stories any way

I’ll say that they are okay and they don't mind

Because it's not a real farm

It's just upstairs


It's not a real farm

Musical footwear

It's like when CD players didn't work in cars

And maybe if I hold it it will play a song

And maybe if there's springs attached to it it will play long

And it will only be a year while we wait it out

And give up and record all my music to a tape

Give it to my best friend, I don't know how to drive

And drive around for hours and try to feel alive

Thinking about springs and hands and invented devices

To make this year go faster while we are driving

And print out all the animals I have seen a thousand times

And pretend they are miniatures

And make up little rhymes


It tastes like watermelon

Not like the fruit like the flavour

I don't know where the flavour comes from

But they call it watermelon

She's got new dresses

And she's got new coats

She has given me sugar

And took me to the boats

My hand unfolds

And you see inside

Everything you wanted

And half a dozen lies

All cracked up

From feet on the street

She might fall in

And start eating meat

But she'll fix me up

Because she knows just how

She's got a ball of string

And some paper from the town

Spinning around like a wheel

Attached to a city

Make the people move

And make this thing go on

No! No!

You are wrong at least some of the time

It all adds up that you haven't made up your mind

You are waiting for a bus in the dark

On a part of the road where the bus doesn't stop

Clawing at my face and proving your point

Is failing at your journey to get to this place

And I know she's running around inside of this maze

Looking for a pink door to get out of this race

Pulling on your socks like nothing is wrong

Meanwhile your head is screaming out a song

Filled with protagonists wearing your clothes

Creeping up a staircase inside of this house

Take the tiny monkey to the beach with sand

Take her by the throat and take her by the hand

Soft sheets pickled in a cranberry sauce

Makes it look like Christmas all over that house

My bones are shivers and I want out

Of your bloody business spewing out of your mouth

Holding on to children in the new school yard

They run off to play you keep hold of their arms

You dirty up the pillows and wash the floor

Waiting for the people to give you more

It's not your house that I’m worried about

It's something that is lacking coming out of your mouth

Peel off the layers to get the fruit inside

I’ll put it in my mouth to make it feel alright

Run away from bats

I have made up a lot of excuses

Over the years

I have made up a lot of made up things for your ears

Please come over here I say

Please come over here I say

I just wanna go for a walk

I just wanna go for a talk with you

There's nothing more I promise

Because there's nothing more I can do

It's all broke down stairs

It's all broke up

And I don't even know if it's true any more

I’ve said it so many times

I’m just gonna go out this door

Fuck you, she said

There ain't nothing true

There ain't nothing true in your head

That ain't true either

Come over here

We can go down to the park

And meet some friends of mine

I’m gonna run away from bats tonight

I’m gonna pay war

And it's all in my drawer

I said lets just go for a walk

I’m gonna confide all my trust in you

You know it's true

No you don't because it's just what I say to you

Come on

Give me a hair cut

Because I’ve been waiting all this time

To find a reason to shake it off

I said just shake it off

I’m gonna shake it down

And it's gone all around

It's coming full circle

Right to the start

I’m gonna interlock my fingers

And give you my heart

Gonna run away from bats tonight

Gonna play war

Because it's all in my hidden drawer

And there ain't nothing to do but chores

Come on give me my mother fucking milk money

I’m gonna spend it on you

And buy you something nice

Because this is coming around again

Since I was five

I don't even know if it's true

Because this is all I do

And these stories still right true

Get the fuck away from this

Give you all my kiss

Give you it here

Give you a beer

Gonna run away from bats

Gonna run away from bats tonight

I’m gonna play war

Busy legs

Secret bump on my head

Laying low under the grass

Please tell me this will pass

Feed the birds is what she says

Cup my hands around your ears

Amplify the sounds of trains

Find a small girl in the stars

Bring a jug of milk to her

A nice selection of bees he says

One for you and one for her

Piece together a puzzle with this

And fit it in to a busy day

Call me mother here and now

And dress me in a Cadillac

And feed me a whole stick of butter

And grow some wings to fly me back

Nathaniel sees Majesty

And he falls on his knees

Cross my fingers hope to die

If anything is like a lie

Wheels are the most helpful thing

At a pot luck dinner

You don't know what to bring

Population overload

Pink and blue and yellow toad

Fit me in to a busy day

Fit me in to a busy day

Spider lizards

Leaving a clear black slick of people

Sliding down the side of a bridge

The noise you make doesn't disgust me

I’ll walk until I can not walk

The boils on your body somewhat inspire me

But they follow me where ever I go

I’m waiting for a letter from you

To show me all the things I should know

Big black shadow monsters

Falling in to place

Feeding all the world

With my mistakes

Salty chocolate underneath my tongue

Saving all the best parts for this one

I’ve seen that it's not an impossible thing

I’ve brought you everything that I can bring

Stitch together friends to bring in the moon

Place them in four corners of the room

Build a special room and fill it with snow

There's nothing to believe here any more

No top floor

Small slip gravel path

Beating down the glass

With both my hands

Over flow under the bridge

Makes it seem

Like it once did

Save up all your change

In an impossible

Creation that one of us made

Tube like and full of fruit

Hunched over like I think he should

Still scared just a little bit

Proves I’m braver than any kid

Lot's of places to jump out at you

In all these places

In all these shoes

I might be as good as that

If I can just remember

To forget my hats

Pull up my socks

Toes come through

Looking up at stars and remember you

Creation that one of us made

Tube like and full of fruit

Hunched over like I think he should

Still scared just a little bit

Proves I’m braver than any kid

Lot's of places to jump out at you

In all these places

In all these shoes

I might be as good as that

If I can just remember

To forget my hats

Pull up my socks

Toes come through

Looking up at stars and remember you

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