low fidelity sell out
released October 1998

There was a lot more that needed to be said after the first record.. and it was important, and it needed to be said fast.. before it went somewhere that you didn't want to know about. And that is why this record exists.. it was urgent and screaming for something to change.. begging really. just wishing someone might hear..

Hey There

Hey there I seen you with no hair
You don’t really even have a mouth
So why don’t you come with me
Cuz you don’t have any arms
Hey there I think that you’re the one

You don’t have no hands or feet
So you can barely eat
Hey there I want you to come with me 
and we’ll have some fun 
Hey there I think that you’re the one

You look like you were hit by a car
But we know that’s not the case
Hey why don’t you come over here and hold my hand if you had one
Hey there I think that you’re the one
I think you’ll do just fine

It doesn’t bother me that you don’t have a face
That is not the case, cuz you know it
Hey there I know you are a disgrace to the rest of the human race
But, hey there I think that you’re the one for me
Yeah, I think you will do just fine.

Burning booths

Stinging, aching sores behold the pains in my gut I think that I am bored
then I might not
Past of mine
pour out through thought
the smell of inscents
I have been caught
The human brain is an evil thing
that could easily destroy me
to sit down seems old
but I'd die to be
Everything is so over done
but now it seems like fun
I need to find a way home
If home is where the heart is
my home burnt down.

No where to go

I sat in my room Waiting for calls that
no one answered
So I walk to my door
and realized that
there's no where to go
there's no where to go
And I sat back down
And I thought a bit
I thought of you
and other shit
I thought of my life
and realized that
there's no where to go
there's no where to go
I think that
I'll live my life
in my own little
world, and I
think that
I'll stay right here
Right beside my phone
I drifted off to sleep
and in my slumber
I started to weep
I dreamt that my world
was full of joy
I woke up and saw
myself as a little boy
Then my phone rang
Is it the wrong number?
just as I thought
I wasted my best moments alone.

The Room

Maybe one day me and you can go
To a little place that I don’t like to show
It’s underground, it’s my secret spot
It is my treasure and I will never get caught
Built to perfection by a man named Paul
No one will stop us going into our room
It might be a cold day but it’s sure to end soon
And all our disbelievers will walk away
It’s just me and you in our room and that’s where we’ll stay

We’ll sit inside the room we love
No television or radio to bother us
Everything we need is stored inside
There’s a couch, a lamp and me and you

I don’t understand why nobody would go
It’s my room and it’s the place I will not show

Dancing in the mud

She was dancing
dancing in the mud.

She didn't care at all
dancing in the blood.

Falling down she screamed
down to a bloody earth.

No one ever lied to her before tonight.

Horizontally dancing
in the blood of dead dreams.

She's having a fit
in the mud our girl screams.

Fall into a coma
make your mother cry.
The strangest of all aromas
puts a stinging in your eye.

And she's dancing
dancing all around.

All around the fire
not making a sound.

Second curse

Sitting down you know that
You’re the one for me
Sit down too long you know that
We’ll never be free
Subconscious thoughts run by
Your window sill
No thought control just makes me
Want to kill

The fist curse is the one
That just will not click
You did it twice now
I am feeling sick
Can’t control my actions
You cannot feel my pain
Your curse encased me surrounding
My whole brain

Now we’re spinning like an evil top
We know we should
But we just don’t want to stop
Everybody knows the earth
Will one day end
All we do is worry about
Time we will not spend

Now its over and I feel like I am dead
Your cursed thoughts won’t stop
Running though my head
We must continue as though
It has been for told
You placed your curse ,
And my soul has been sold

Pointless Carnation

I can only see
The sight between the
Force in me and
The ground at your feet

So I walk to your feet
And we finally meet
eye to eye
body to body

We exchange our hellos
Nothing new nothing old
And we walk away from
Our souls
Nothing new nothing old

That's how it is
What do you see it as
An old flame burnt
Or a new game learnt

I see it as my father
And the way he sees life
Did you read the bible today?
Did you rediscover your life?
I didn't and all is well
So maybe I have one less story to tell
I did it with no one's help

I see the light
It enters me
I feel no fright
For none you can see.


I’m nothing but a filthy fucking pile of flesh
I’m not doing a single thing that doesn’t seem fresh
I life is a disgusting waste of time
I don’t know what I want 
And what I have doesn’t seem like mine
You say it’s fine and dandy you see it in the press
But too much TV and reading left me feeling stress
Out on the streets I’m looking for a different kind of treat
And I’m finding that in every single thing I tend to meet
You say that my life is a useless pile of flesh
You told me far too late now my life’s a mess
I’m a fucking useless pile of flesh
I see you in the papers I see you in your car
You were sweet when we started then you went too far
…unknown lyrics…
Sweet Jesus you’re a singer, singer octave mine
You sing while I am sleeping
Sing while I’m giving you the time
….unknown lyrics…

Cut my eyes out

I think about the freaks

And I think about my head

I think about the joy I'll feel
As soon as you are dead

I'm gonna cut you in pieces
I'm gonna slice your flesh up
Happy to destroy you
So happy I won't stop

cause yer the mother fucker
Who fucked up my brain
You gave it to me first
now you will get your pain

Its not that I don't like you
But you screwed up my whole life
I want to cut your cock off
With a fucking butter knife

Every night I see you
You will not go away
You caused me mental trauma
For this your gonna pay

I need to cut my eyes out
to release my poisoned mind
I hate my self so much
I can't have a good time

In my mind I moved to mars
And I'm living off of eggs
In my bedroom I am bleeding
'cause I cut off both my legs

Fuck the outside world

He hasn't done anything
He amounted to shit
He ain't in school
He didn't advance a bit
His life has turned out crazy
We all worry so much
I know he's gonna lose it
The only reason we're in touch
He fucked up his chance
He won't do nothing now
He won't live any dreams
Backwoods fucking sow.
Fuck You!
It's all in my mind.

I'm here and I won't leave. I hate you.
I want to kill you.
There is nothing to do.
What the hell kind of mess is this.
Is this the kind of mess that's my fault?
Fuck it maybe I'll die.
And take an entire city block with me.
I won't end.
You won't bend.
You will never send me off to my life.

The Trap

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do
I don’t know what I’m supposed to be
I don’t believe my thoughts
I can’t trust my mind
I don’t understand what I’m doing
I don’t have anything to give you
All I know is what’s happened
All I care about is wrong
All I can do is think
I think about the nothing
I think about my actions
My actions against you all
It’s not my fault
A force beyond my knowledge and understanding
I want you
I want you to show me
It’s a trap
It’s a trap…

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