lost lizard girl
released November1998

This was the last of the trilogy of records to be made in the psychedelic underground laundry room. This is where the lizard girl who was sneaking about and hiding behind trees and leaving you notes during the first two records.. this is where she goes missing.. she just walked off one day in to the forest of the three sticks... she is still around.. but you aren't quite sure where any more.. and what do you do next?

Island hop

Blackmail fucks me soon
I hate what you is doing
Can’t choose what’s good for me
Immature threats fall heavy

Porno king of the island hop
He waits for night to fall
We start our play and we won’t stop
Louise will not ever call

Craw to me, make me
Suck my eyes out
Eat up all I got
And give everything to you

Slime ridden house on the block
He caresses my broken arm
Never lets me go home
Let me drown

Give me it in the back
Give me it in the leg
Give me it where you want
I know you will anyway

She’s a bitch, I hate her
She don’t give a fuck
Maybe she don’t know
I need her blood soup
Secretary heard me call your name
She don’t care at all
Your really fly and that’s what
I need to eat.

Bloody dead

All our world’s remain
Even though we don’t
All we feel is pain
And all we dream is gone

I want to see
I want to be the one
I want to have fun
I don’t want it gone

Please don’t leave with judgment
You know it won’t fool me
All we ever wanted is gone
But you know it lasts on

I believe its still here
A dormant soul
To see light again
We’ve all been told
And our deaths won’t end
The days of our past
Things are meant to happen
Things are meant to last

Sailing boats on the river
The river of bloody dead dreams
We fuck to hell the future
We decide that we like cream

Been told

I have no control over my life
Every body say what I have to do
I would kill if it was aloud
I would die if you would let me
No control and no esteem
No life is worth a gofer boy
Down town I’m a crazy man
I do all that I can
Been told to destroy myself
I must obey all that’s said
Been told to fix my health
Cause if I don’t I’ll be dead
Been told that I gotta lose myself
Gotta do it or I’ll lose my mind
Been told top let you die
But I can’t, I don’t know why

Lock on the sex box
Run around like a heroine fox
Every one gives me my problems
Every night you sodomize goblins
Sick of it, sick of life
When it’s all gone you gotta give in
That’s the only way I can win

Been told to slash my torso
And I will cause I’ve been told so
Been told I’m a monkey jack
And I am, and I’ll come back
Been told I gotta lose my mind
But I can’t, it’s been gone for years

Scruffy old pig

I'm a scruffy old pig
in the bottom of the gutter
I don't have friends
and I don't have a mother
I want to slice my feet
and I'm made out of butter

So you walk to my legs
At the bottom of my gutter
and you take up my pills
and you take them with some water
Walking round the trees
like you don't have a daughter
your the one I need
to take to the slaughter

You don't have the happy young years
that make every body brake out in tears
and you don't have anything that we need
to bring out the lumps in the horse-pig feed

your gonna disappear
like your a nobody doll
you started to stand
but now your gonna fall

I don't have a friend
to say what I'm doing's wrong

and your limbs don’t bend
with your pull-string song

and now your gonna fall
and now your gonna fall
and now your gonna fall
like the porcelain doll
who is twenty feet tall
and you live at the mall

And I'm a scruffy old pig
and I live in the gutter
your my friend
and I got no other
One of these days
we'll fuck like death covered in sewage
with mud all over your breasts

running round the trees
like a crazy animal
climb up to the basement
your maniacal
pump me full of vitamins
I feel hysterical
I’d take you to Poland
but I don't have a vehicle.

Lizard girl

She said she walks to the hall
We know she will fall
Multi-flavored woman call
That was that and that was all
We search for a way to see
See you in my mind you see me
Inside your cat is where I hide my key
Dodge ball woman is who I be

Your shirts are all messed up
Your pants are at your house
I kept your dress my pretty pup
I saw your cats my little mouse
You made me hate the sun
Wander though an empty house
Cut your legs off, all but one
You know what I mean, cause I’m your louse

Someone said I ripped your glass
I said I love it, I love your ass
Picture your side walk
I was happy in my old class
Please give me your drain me
Lizard girl I need it
You’re the hat for my head
Sugar girl coat my shit

Lizard girl stick your head in
Lizard girl keep me up
Lizard girl and me
Lizard girl and me…

The Jello Man

Hey there here comes the jello man
Passing out jello as fast as he can
He’s got no arms, he’s got no mind
He doesn’t have the time to mess around with all of your lies
Open up your eye you see him walk
Across the street to the park
Never let go of his poor dog
Poor damn thing is as big as a hog
He doesn’t care if he kills it
He doesn’t give a shit
You don’t know what I know so why don’t you go away
You think that you will stay
You never know
What I will show you
Death becomes those
Who do exactly what they’re told
Never know what to do
Here’s what I give to you
Your treat
Jello on the street
You give it to me hard
You never know how much I like the taste of lard
Jello man passing out his jello as fast as he can

Hide away

I can’t face my self no more
I can’t find the time to let go
Cause you don’t know what I say
I’m gonna hide away

I sit back and look at time
Stare in space all night
You look to me and say
Your gonna hide away

Can’t stand my daily life
You think that I’m all right
But your wrong and
You know I won’t change

I’m gonna hide away
No body’s gonna know where I stay
I’m gonna go find a place
I’m gonna conceal my face
I’m gonna hide away

All alone in here
Wish that you were near
But we both know it’s not aloud
Hide my face cause I’m not proud

Down town is why I sit
Rainy day is why I pray
You’ll see me again one day
I’m gonna hide away

Man Named Me

I don’t know what your doing over here we’re on my street my place to sit down and drink everything I want you know that it is mine
Everybody sitting in my house looking at my feet thinking that I wanna meet them they’re the ones who gave it all up to give me nothing I really wanted you know that it’s the truth now
Going to the show just to go and see some more shit that I can’t handle giving you a saddle to put on your donkey so you can ride the fuck out of my one horse town, you know that this is all I want
Give me your cheese give me your bread I will make a sandwich for me in my head make it where I sit on my curb it is the only single solitary possession a man named me can have today, and you know that is the way now
Give me all the grated stuff in the world
Your dryer is making me happy cuz I have so much fun looking at you when you’re sliced up naked on the ground in a bloody pool, and you know this is your best dream
In my dream you know I scream look at the cream and it’s brown and green
And you give me all the kittens and I look at them hard, staple them to boards every single day it’s the only way I know how to play every day you were the one who said that I was gay you give it to me and I won’t give it back cuz its mine and you know it’s about time I give myself a bloody face in the face I am the last of my alien race
I’ll live in the stars go far away that you say that my name is Jane and you give it all give me pain you know that I have a chain wrapped around your neck gonna pull it tight gonna give it to you right you are gonna know what has happened give you all the drugs I can handle give you all the handles from my sandals walking long the beach like a fucked up loser
You know it’s time for me to give you everything that’s coming to you, give me nothing that’s the way that you like to do it I know that’s the truth
There’s the truth for you do you like it, I’m the one who’s gonna fuck your mother.
You know that that’s the way that you asked me to go to the park go to the stream take a swim have a dream you know I now take cream in my coffee cuz I sold right out. Got rid of my boots got rid of my hair got rid of everything that care. Sell out boy is the man named me and you know that when I give you my snake in your mouth that you’ll suck the venom out cuz your so nice.
You know that ice tastes good with all sorts of cola that is the way we gotta live from today, rip your teeth out everywhere. Got some cola give it to your friends, they don’t know ya, but you know the end is near, you know in the year 2000. crock of shit. That’s what I say. Crock of shit is god if he existed then he was me. Anyway you know what I say cuz I don’t believe anything I can’t see except ghost and aliens that’s just common sense. You know that my name is me. I give it to everyone I see. Everybody forgets who you are and they give me my name give it to me in the stars I know I’ll blow your mind out with a gun with bomb with an axe with a knife you know it’s gonna go right through your heart and then I’ll start to give you everything that you didn’t want anyway, my name is me, oh you know me. Wear the same damn shit everyday don’t know why, guess it’s why I stay this way, only way for me to visit the past, never to leave, never smoke grass, never give you the common knowledge of my health. Health, health is going down. Feeling chest pains, pains, I’m old I’m grey, going bald today, you know that is the way I’m gonna leave you tonight. My name is me. Can’t you see that’s the way it has to be, you sick little monkey, give me all your money I don’t really like you, you can go to hell you fucking loser, take care of things don’t take care of your self. I know that its my health going down going down got it all over town gotta bloody old mess straight on the ground and you know my name is me.

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