Looking For Lizards - Building The Swing
released february 2009

Part two of looking for lizards.. crashing in to the forest and feeling the sticks take over your arms and legs. falling straight down and crumbling before you get picked back up again. the return of the lizard girl and finally some hope for a confusion that left you with nothing but questions. and in the end almost a triumphant end and a hazy beginning and you have more questions but you also have more answers than you thought you ever would have. discoveries about the tree of reason that will save you time and time again.

Part Two:
Building The Swing

Chapter One
Tunnel Mouse

Crawling down the tunnel that will lead us underground
She stops just for a moment to tie back all her hair
She doesn't have a family she doesn't have a home
So down the purple tunnel is where this girl must go
Where the tunnel started was in the boiler room up stairs
She heard a mouse make sound and went straight in to there
She found a box of comics and a bag from someone's house
Things from an old aquarium that no one heard about
She pressed her lips against the mirror under the stairs
And pretended like it wasn't her who was there
And underneath a painting of a man she didn't know
She found a narrow hole and decided she should go
She had a banana in the pocket of her coat
And after several hours it was time to eat some fruit
She brought with some magazine that were upstairs
And a bag of elastic bands and something made of plastic
She didn't know where this would lead her
But she didn't care
Inside the purple tunnel is where she met the mouse
He said to this girl 'my dear, you are so far from home'
She picked up the mouse and made a wish and kissed his head

One two three, let’s go.
One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve.

Chapter Two

She`s just small
She didn`t need that and she doesn`t need this
And she can`t have that and she can`t have this
And all I can give you is something I miss
Please have all the things in the world
Please take everything that they can imagine
Follow these people out the door
Because if you stay here you might just break
They can give you all the things that they can
They mean so well that I can`t seem to think
I can save you for a day or two
But I can`t seem to paint this house pink
And she can`t have the things that we`re coming from
But where we`re going is a place I can`t think about
And if I knew how to say these words
I would paint the whole world pink for you
They are coming to pick you up now. No.
They just called, they will be here soon. No.
I`m sorry. You have to come with me this time.
I`m not allowed to. No.
I`m sorry. I don`t want to go.
I`m sorry. What about my chocolate
They will let you bring it. I don`t want to go.
I`m sorry. I love you.
Into the mine shaft down you go
I swore I’d never do it
But I had no choice.
I love you, I’m sorry.

Chapter Three

Come on up he said
And got the name again
Turning into germs
And we can travel out

The forest is a diagram
Of the vortex in your mouth
The vortex in your fingertips
The vortex heading south

The whole keeps flowing out
Lets map it until we hide
Until hope and faith in everything
Is on everything's side

The trick is in the wrist
The bone shaker sigh
Manage what you believe you got
From the paradox frog

Chapter Four
Chewing Branches

I`m climbing up this tree
And gnawing off the branches
Feeling wood inside my teeth
Tree bleeding down my throat
Ripping at it, chewing on it
Feeling it becoming looser
My hands are snapping it
Clawing it, dropping it
Falling after it
Dusting it and watching it
Writing secret things on it
And pushing it beside of this
And planting it around all this
Water it and see to it
And when i`m there, i`ll be with it
And watching as I see two trees growing
They both exist because of you.

Chapter Five
Tiny hands inside my chest
Ripping out the spoiled parts
Lighting fires under this
Peel away the broken glass
I don`t feed like all the dogs
Scaring you inside these walls
Put together last night`s walk
Watching trees inside these walls
Sleep with me i`m begging you
There`s nothing I can think to do
Crack my knuckles down on you
I can use you all these years
Fetching wires for my throat
Dress you up for the crowds
You are a festival.

Chapter Six
Someone`s Boxes

She took my hand and walked me down
Through the tunnel underground
In the door that smelled of violet
And in the train to take me down
The seats were old and made of vinyl
But they were cracked where I left my legs
Vinyl cutting in to your thighs
Holding on to me like this
There’s a sign that lit you up
That hangs on the wall beside my portrait
On the train it looks like night time
Even though outside it's day
Over head were someone's boxes
From about thirty years ago
Someone young but now forgotten
Left these boxes for us to see
You reached in to my front left pocket
And took out my collection of keys
Run your fingers over all of them
Find the one that fits you best
Push it in to the dried up tape
And tear it open left to right
Open up and suck my lips
And wake up in my head tonight

Chapter Seven
The Quiet Room

Quiet room inside of all these people
Slipping just a little bit away from all these feelings
You never seemed to stop when it was too big
And when I spoke to you you sat until I finished
It is just another thing to look at
When all the people in the room are forfeit
You can take my hands and close yourself around them
And I know that I will always be what I am
Quiet people in the room inside of my head
I start to wonder why all the people haven't tried yet
You set the up and scream and shout until the night ends
And sing all day until the moon is ours again
You have always been inside the middle
Of the people building boxes and the road crews
You were there when all the people didn't know what to do
And you sang the things that made it all true
I will live until you all are alright
Mending bit of part of things until the last light
And fixing things that just don't seem to fit together right
And you're the one who fixes me when I can't see straight

Chapter Eight

Something started happening.. I hope.. sometimes all you can do is hope. Is it a futuristic tale about some sort of world that may or may not ever exist? Is it all lies? Or is it possible… is anything really possible? Or is any thing really possible. What are the ingredients? Is it really hard work, or is it just waiting and hope and wishing and cursing at falling stars all at the same time. Or do you have any sort of control over it at all.. maybe it just bursts without you asking for it or without you even knowing.. maybe some time should be invested in getting a warning signal in place.. otherwise this whole cafeteria and everything around it is gonna be history.
“Quick, slip down the stairs behind the painting of the bathhouse”

“Okay.. but never tell anyone where I went”

“I won’t, they already know.. now go and get the Plexiglas up fast.”

Something is happening to the children of Mars…

Please get me the sleep spray.

“Shhhh! Can’t you see the constellations are under the shirt.”

Chapter Nine
Spice Girl

You feel like spice
Powered by mice
Feel your fingers
Inside the forest
With a wet back
And a salty snack
You connect the leaves
Inside my eyes

Chapter Ten
Honey Cradle

Sitting on the box and rocks are underneath my feet
And rocks are slipping through my toes
And things are slipping through me head
We climbed up the outside ladder
To the top of the school
Where everything was dripping
With the liquid from these stories
And sleeping under moons
That we made out of cardboard
When all the things I asked for
Were sold in the papers
Pulling out the threads
In the clothes that we made her
So we can tie this up
And hang it from the chimney
We light a little fire
That will smoke out all the rodents
Who fled the room in terror
When all I ever wanted was to meet you in the theater.
Latching on to backdrops that we found in the cupboard
Filled with ancient clothing
That we wear to the dinners
And plugging up the holes where we might have escaped from
And gag myself with chocolate
Until this has passed.
Filling jars with the rocks
That you found in my shoes
And selling them for money
That we used to buy food
I slept in a cradle
Made out of honey
And made out of strings made from dragonflies
That write down all the rules

Chapter Eleven
Return Of The Lizard Girl

Here she comes
And here she comes
Like I never mother fucking seen her come before
And she’s coming right down that hill again
And I don't have a pill I can take to make this go away

She comes right down and she takes off her cloak
And she puts it in the belly of the flower on the mountain
Oh my god she's naked again
And she takes the flower and she puts it in her mouth
And here she comes
She mother fucking comes like I never sheen her come before

She’s digging in the dirt
I don't know what she's looking for
What's she looking for?
Something more to give you
And I know that I seen it in her eye
When I knew it was time for me to die
And here she comes and she’s back again
And I don't know what I’m gonna do with my veins
And they're pumping all around like I never seen this town before

And he’s been sitting in a basement for a week and a day and a life time
Just praying to the gods above
And he’s fixing all the machines
That will take him
Take him away from everything that she does
Here she comes and she’s coming down the hill
And she mother fucking comes again

And I never seen a girl like her before
And I’ll never seen one again
When she walks like she walks like a monster
Walking down these streets
And she looks at the green man
And she looks him in the eye
And she said you gotta leave

Here she comes
And she comes again
And she mother fucking comes and comes
And I don't know when but it's coming again
And I seen the rain clouds open up
They drenched that girl right down to the bone
And she smiled she said that’s enough

And she walked right down right past the sticks
And she said this shit ain't good for you
And I had to believe everything she said
And I don't think that its gonna be said again

And here she comes and she comes straight down
And she mother fucking comes again
And she comes like no woman I ever seen
And I don't think I’ll see it again.

Chapter Twelve
Maybe That’s The Reason

And maybe that’s the reason why
And maybe I don't need to die
And maybe it's above my head
And maybe it is what she said
And there's a hole under my feet
From uprooted people from my street
And this is something just for you
You smell of spices and of smoke
I never met your hands before
I seen a lot of things out there
Pile up things and hand them out
And talk to people in my mouth
You tell the truth with your lies
And cream is dripping down your thighs
And maybe that’s the reason why
I never found it without you
Inside my veins and flowing through
I never found it without you
Peeling labels off these jars
And learning how to drive these cars
And painting on the rusty tin
I don't know where else to begin
Folding paper taped up tight
Just like I was almost every night
I feel you from a thousand miles
I'm shelled and salted and feeling blistered
And the paper cuts are filled with me
And the paper cuts won't let me be
Sitting on the floor with you
And eating leaves and making soup
I will never stop because it's old
I will never be the things I told you
I'll build the room with curtained walls
And see what happens in the fall
I tapped the tree and filled my shoe
With tea and honey and liquid you
It's hot and smells like christmas time
When maybe things are always fine…

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