giant killer robots
released april 1999

This is a record about giant killer robots that take over the entire world and destroy nearly everything that man has ever made. this is the first record after i had left the psychedelic laundry room.. almost all of this is instrumental.

Ice cream

Every day I see you
Start to make me pretty sick
Always walking around like you know where you’re going
And it’s sweet that it’s your trick
Oceans make me want to swim
They make me want to go and sing
About the dogs fighting in the field that we don’t understand
Caught up to my bus last night
Got to admit I was a witness to a fight
Poor little boy he was beat to death
By a crazy rabbit and his mother
And those oceans make me wanna swim
Make me wanna sing about the things
That make you wanna kill each other when you’re so damn happy
Walking over to my tricycle
Gonna take a little ride
I saw you on the corner
Maybe I did and it’s kind of sad that you died
Baby saw me walking to the house
Everybody said something to you
It’s interesting the way the sun goes up
In the middle of the afternoon
The oceans make me scream
Make me seem like I’m a dream
I don’t care what you think
Don’t care don’t care, just wanna eat your ice cream
He rolled right up and he honked his horn
Played his song it went on too damn long
We went up we got ourselves a scoop
Didn’t tell anyone when we became ripples
Don’t wanna eat your ice cream

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