filled with animals
released november 2008

this record was a throw up reaction to what was happening. something had to be done and something had t9o be done quick.. something had to be made.. and this is what happened.. it is a thousand frogs crawling around inside a person's hollow legs and rubbing their bodies against a person's heart. it is not understanding and not trying to understand yet.. falling face first on to the sticks without looking back to see the tree right behind you.


Drown inside

I don’t even think I can see any more
And I’m going out to the store
Every five minutes
To fill myself up
With the things I need
Inside that cup
And I’m never gonna stop
thinking about that day
you came to my house and you said what you say
my voice doesn’t even work
and the words I mean make me look like a jerk
and there’s nothing I can do to make you understand
that everything I say is about a plan
and I don’t think that walking around all day
is gonna make me any better no matter what I say
and I should know better than to listen to me
when everything I said is going to hell again
and I don’t have a place to call my own
except somewhere in my mind that I can roam
and when I see you walk the bridge
just walking alone
know that I want you to make me drown
make me drown inside of this thing
when everything I know about is going wrong
we’re going inside
nothing inside
fuck yourself
never give me any chance for myself
it might make me drown, drown inside
I was told to give you flowers
And I know that for hours
That I thought I’d give you flowers
But I knew that I had
Drown inside

Filled with animals

Three more weeks
Of pasting up the walls
With cinnamon dolls
Filled with animals
To my lightbulbs
Fishing tales are
Going skywards
Falling on your broken face
Inside this place I beg for rain
And all that came to town for you
Is all the things that I can’t do
I beg you to just realize
That all the days I have survived
On pink and purple dragon flies
I’ve never felt quite so alive

Human being taster

I am a time waster
And a human being taster
And I fell down the stairs
To follow you here
I am sitting too much
And letting this slip
And something’s pressing down
On top of all this
And she’s sitting too much
And letting it rip
Inside all the places that never were here
And she just can’t leave
It seems like she’s gi9ving up
Attaching these hooks
Inside of my heart
Fox runs around
And falls to the ground
And it all means nothing
Inside of my basement

The things I need to say

I don’t know any more.
But you know it’s gonna be alright one day
Don’t know any more.
Don’t know any more.
But you know it doesn’t matter any way
Never gonna listen to what I say
I wish you’d
Just come here
And make it right
And all I will think anyway
is say it like nothing else for me at all
nothing for me to do but just fall
on the ground in front of you
I’ll do what ever you ask me to
Don’t know at all.
Gonna watch me fall.
And you know that it’s gonna be okay.
Soon as I say
All the things you need me to say
Don’t care at all


I built something out of wood that I bought
At a hardware store down by the beach
And I cut down trees
I did it for you
And I hammered nails up the side
And I said baby take a look in my eye
I’m a farmer’s son
And I saw you
And I know one
And I put on records
In the basement of an old house
And I could hear them
And you could too
Don’t have any plans for tomorrow
I know it will come
It will come for me
Sitting down in the bottom of the bucket again
Got me a silver pen
Gonna write in my diary
Oh it’s all about me
Got a Indian and a box of gum
And I’m gonna go down and have some fun
At the car park
Locked up tight
In the back of a chevy
Every single night
And I saw her come
Walking there
She walked up to the bottom of the old brick stairs
She say hey man take a look at this sand
And it ain’t alright
And I know it ain’t night time
When we walked past that tree
She’s looking at me
And I said you
I got nothing to do
What are you gonna do with me.
Now that we see.

The dogs have given up

she is falling on the sidewalk
grease paint smear face
licking up the tidal waves
picking up the elastic bands
box your self in to a corner
thinking you are all alone
I slip my teeth inside your cheeks
And run away when you get here
Scale the walls of this contraption
Insert coins to wake you up
And there’s no slicing in my tent
When the dogs have given up

Shape it

I’m going out the back door again
Because it’s closer to where I want to be
And I’m going out
And I’m gonna run
Run as fast as I can
Until I have some
I’m gonna turn on your lights
I don’t care if it’s wasteful tonight
And I’m gonna put together a box
That I can try to stick inside everything
Tired of climbing on these
Don’t have any skin on my knees
I have five things in mind
Never know just what was a lie
And I can shape it
Shape it
I’ll shape it
In the shape of you
I’ll shape it in the shape of you

Human connections

I fucking suck
Just stay away from me
And keep yourself clean
I fucking suck
Stay away.
I fucking suck.
Don’t come near me
No more
Or I’ll make you sick and I’ll make you die
I fucking suck.
I’m fucking shit
Fucking worthless piece of shit.
I’m a fucking stupid fuck.
Sometimes I think to me
Nothing else
That I could be
Being here
Under foot
Making everything else seem good
I don’t have an upstairs
That I can hide in any more
I am feeling underground
Inside this place I can be found
And there is nothing up in there
And I don’t think you even care
I can feel it all around
And then I see me on the ground
Better off dead
He’s dead he said
Slipping down the ladder
On the ground
I’m just fine
I’m fine
And it’s just fine
I’m fine
Everything will work out fine
The boy drowns inside himself
Caught up with all you do
And nothing that I am.
The boots are covered.
And nothing.
Nothing down there for me.
Just remember to stay the fuck away.
Please remember to stay the fuck away from me.

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