boneless leg dog discovers the city
released august 2004

the boneless leg dog leaves the room and goes to the city, he gets told a great many things, and life doesn't seem so clear any more.. or perhaps it is more clear than he ever thought it was. recorded by me and the frogman in my head, a conclusion of the city trilogy. trying to live in the real world when all the other bits of parts of things are banging on your door, begging you to come with them. an attempt at understanding, and in the end mostly just giving up and letting everything do whatever it is it wants to do with you.

Dead horse store

Fitting you against my door,
waiting for a little more,
I see you calling out a name,
I see you rolling around in pain,
we get our coats and head outside,
our car is on fire so we can’t drive,
I’m riding around on ancient horse,
you’re feeling nothing but remorse,
then I arrive at paper doors,
and wish I never said your name,
in front of me the frog man sits,
in his lap a dish of rain,
impaling me on endless wishes,
talking to the mindless fishes,
the water’s red because of you,
now it is time to follow through,
my sleeping is halted for the night,
while listening to your manic song,
I close my eyes and scream for you,
burning cattle are crying too,
I’ll see you at the end of the world,
and forgive you for the death of time,
and the frog man sings forever,
with Mary Kettle and the thalidomide mimes,
the dirt was home and tasted good,
like Riesling wine and Hollywood,
in houses where the doors are gone,
the winds will scream with empty songs,
she never knows how many days,
it takes to lift my body down,
from Farris wheels to the moon,
who sleeps with metal rotting sun,
find yourself in backseat freezers,
if I could only see the moon,
and I can’t walk far enough,
to make tomorrow come too soon,
going to go to thrift store alley,
and find myself a new story,
and dress myself in Mary’s skirt,
and find myself in boneless shirt,
and drive forever in timeless fog,
and chain you up to the three legged dog,
and visit you in basements gone,
and sing to you a dreamless song,
and never come back to this town,
and realize three hours down,
that I can’t take it any more,
so I won’t go to the dead horse store,
and feel myself giving up,
and sleep with nothing in the wind,
I never gave you a reason why,
I removed your eyes so you can’t cry,
I felt like all the world should die,
the rain won’t fall from the sky.

Fifty miles high

Please give me a thing to do tonight,
I’m feeling alright and I know it’s time to go
and I talk to you for hours and hours and you don’t say a word
and you know it’s feeling okay
I’ve got a box full of everything you ever gave me in my life
full of string and balls of things that never should be
you know that everything is true
that I say to you
and everybody’s coming to the show
and it’s okay to fall
I see you in your spaceship flying through the stars
you know that you will never reach the planet where I live
and one day when you least expect it I’ll be in front of you
falling from a tree fifty miles high
you know that it’s okay to cry when I die
but we all know you won’t be flavored like a cherry butter cup
you know that it’s the end
come on
wooden monkey hanging on the wall comes alive at night
he tells us all the answers to the questions that we have
he tells us it’s okay to bring down paper mills with the fury of ever person who hurt you
the lights are shining bright you know tonight’s the last night
that I will put on my hat to come and visit you
you know baby that its okay to cry
you know that my sofa’s dry
if you need somewhere tonight
multi coloured pictures of the world are fleeing from the death of your kind
hanging from the fish tank made of plastacine and you are clean
I’m gonna come to you and visit you in the institute
it’s all right to flee tonight.

True love

I’ve been forgotten and it needs so much
I can’t shake it away and you were my only true love
blistered feet talk too much and I’m so empty inside now
and I miss you my only true love
did you misunderstand me
how could I be so wrong
now I’m underground again
my only true love
you whispered my end to me
and underground maybe
I can feel right again
my only truelove
I can be young again
and I can have you again
and I won’t cry again
my only true love
remember you
and the way you smile and the way you feel
and when you were only mine
I wish I could wash away all the things I feel
and never have to miss you again
my only true love.

She’s at the age

Keeping me away from me is keeping me from loving you
stopping all the traffic lights is something that you shouldn’t do
and she is at the age where she is still in love with everything
the whole world is a safer place and she’s spinning in her spot again
a day like this will stop your heart from pumping like a rail yard
I wish to god I could escape but everything is far too hard
and she sits on a bed of roses and writes out poems until it closes
she will cut just a small piece of her sweater and give it to the man who hit her
hit her.

All the things I should be

My skin is cracked and dry and blood is covering both my eyes
I never meant to kill the girl I never asked for a perfect world
and sand will cover up your face and I will hide mine in disgrace
I wish I knew what happened here on every night I slept last year
place a stamp upon my head and wait in line until I’m dead
and wait my turn to sell my soul
and take a picture and meet my goal
hand you over to a stranger’s hand and escape this town for different lands
I’ll wait a year for you I said
and fill with wine my heavy head
sleep in fields of rice and blood
keeping warm with leaves and mud
she said that this is just a lie but she won’t even really try
to understand just what I mean believe the things that I have seen
it’s real it’s true I know for sure
that when it’s time it won’t be her
that has to go away forever undo the wrongs and pray for never
on the road you wait for me forgetting all the things that I should be.

Feed me

I promised myself never again
I’ll never go there
never again
sleeping tonight
it’s my last night
and baby you gotta feed me
my baby
you gotta feed me
tonight. Climbing right up
into your roof
finding you there
the last time
never alone
and never at home
because I can’t stop what I might do
it’s my last chance to get close to you
I can’t feel anything
and I can’t sing anymore.

Friendly fish

Friendly fish follow me
friendly fish follow me to the sea
know me
show me what you have
friendly fish come with me
love me
to the well
you just can’t tell what could be down there
friendly fish you know me
you can see everything
friendly fish tell me all the things that you see
friendly fish take me away with you
friendly fish show me what it is you do
love me
friendly fish talk to me show me all you do in the middle of the lake
can't you take me away from all of this
my fish.

One month

One day you’ll come home to me and you’ll see
just how it should be
lying down flat on the street where I met you
you know its all I wanna do anymore
please me with trix that you do in the summer time
you know it’s all mine to keep
the doctor says that I’ve only got a month to live
he’s gonna fix me up for now
but you know that this is it
why can’t you just pretend to be nice for once
and we’ll sit back in our seats and we’ll drive for a month
It’s all I got any more
cuz all I got is on the floor
oh baby come home to me
right now
one month
so the doctor said that in a month I’ll be dead
and he’s been shooting me full of everything from here to the moon
just to get me to stop caring soon
you know its alright when I’m just walking on the street
kicking up my heels and looking for meals and thinking about someone sweet
you know it’s true
it’s all I got left for you my love
doctor coming here tonight
gonna set things alright
oh baby
pretend for me.

This Nothing

And I can feel it falling
when it is far too late
I see your face again
and nothing stops my hate
but you and what you’re doing
is all I ever needed
and I’m feeling like I’m melting
like I’m burning up inside
I need you like I’m dying
like I’m losing everything
I need you like forever
I’m praying for you now
I wish that you are fine
and feeling like you’re mine
and lying to everyone
about what I’m really doing
over and over again
nothing ever stops
and it will never end
and I wish it never would
I’m screaming on my inside
and screaming for your love
like leather straps around my neck
stopping my last breath
please stop what you are doing
I can’t stand what’s going on
just come to me tonight
just tell me I’m not wrong
I could hold you for forever
and swallow you up whole
and save you for myself
and never let you go
I pray that this will end one day
and beg you for forgiveness
but it’s never going to end one day
and I’ll never want it to
you are what I must do
and I love you
and it’s all true
and you are all that I need
and I will bleed
just to keep you
you are so beautiful
you’re in my soul
it’s what you do
and you are what I must do
and it’s the end for me and you
just try to make me stop
it’s never going to work
it’s never going to happen
it’s never going to work
and I will wait for the rest of my life
and I will wait for nothing
nothing will ever save me
save me from this nothing.

I need you again

Walking in the distance walking in the sand
walking in the footsteps of another man
screaming for forgiveness
screaming for my mind
screaming for your fantasies to unravel and unwind
sweet aroma therapy to satisfy my mind
always set it out for my to make sure that you’re mine
from up here you all look so small
and up above you is where I see it all I never gave you that box to keep as your own
but you opened it up and settled on a bone
free to slip away again
you follow all your pain
down to Mary Kettle’s house
walking in the rain
down the street past frog man’s seat you feel like you are young
fleeing all the traffic cops to the place where you were hung
I sit in my chair watching all of this
all the rules on my wall
see the moon eclipse
I cried when you were on the phone finding out your fate
and all you ever wanted was sacrificed and raped
I need you again…

A day alone

Slicing down the dotted line in time to save my life
pulling out the milk filled eggs rotting in old cream
falling down sweetly into piles of bodies
feeling like a showgirl
showing off my faces
she looks like a midget in a circus made of muffins
pack up all our objects in boxes and in cases
freezing in your carpet in the place that you called home
looking out at jenny she lives so far away
she feeds her cats on honey and apocalyptic dreams
walking to the airport to catch a ride to New York
waiting for forever to wait forever for you
sitting on a barstool looking into faces
thinking about the magician and all what he can do for you
sleeping in on Sunday I get my bag and go
drinking up my breakfast in the parlor down the street
falling down sweetly into piles of bodies
with a hundred buckets filled with blood
some day you will find out that it is all a lie
filling out an invoice for bright red hair dye
and cashing in your food stamps for a day alone.

Three sticks

And I don’t know what to do
and I see them always with you
child like and full of joy
you treat me like a broken toy
and everything you say is a lie
and everyday you make me die
and all the time I’m worried sick
and all the time I see three sticks
and you took away my heart
and you tore me apart
and nothing will change my mind
it’s ending for the last time
I hate what you’re doing now
there’s nothing that I should send
I hate what you’re doing now
I that tonight you would end
and now I’m praying that you die
praying that you would lose both your eyes
praying for you to hurry down
praying for me to leave this town
oh god
you’re breaking apart my life
you’re stealing away my life
you’re burning down my life
and nothing will let this end.

My life

The pounding rain inside my head tells me that I’ll soon be dead
tells me that it’s over now
tells me that I’ve left this town
walk past the baby’s house look in past tiered eyes
sleep here with no one’s love
sleep here until she dies
falling from empty trains
panicking to save my brains
mending up broken arms
feeling nothing ever again
stop me I’m begging you
stop me from killing you
rain drips in through my roof
pain throbbing from my tooth
stopping to see the child hoping that she is fine
bleeding from every hole
knowing nothing’s mine
card shop on marble street selling the horse’s meat
I’m begging you to stop this now
she’s hoping to burn down my house
and I need to save my life.

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