blaise kolodychuk
released december 2004

this record was a slight escape from trying to be all the things that fukachuk egg machine was becoming... it was a holiday to gilbert town and forgetting a lot of what was actually happening around where i was.



Can 27 space ship be classified as an armada
Can anything that happens be anything at all
Why am I so lonely when I stand in a crowd full
Of 27 nuns on a day like Christmas

I never felt anything like being in your mind again
Feeling like a dog who just never found his way back here
I slept on your floor boards and let you have my hair again
I stopped selling eggs cuz I knew that this wouldn’t end

And I want so badly just to sleep for a turtle’s age
I need so badly just to sit in your bird’s cage
I dream so rarely that I may just go insane
I clean your cabin so I know that I still exist

She runs down the freeway and catches the floating bills
Hold me madly until I say it kills
Sweet voice in me says that I’ve done all that I can
I’m so sorry that I left you alone again

the pie shop

I never walked past you when
You were selling pies
Make enough to send her away
Make enough to leave the city

Bundled up in piles of cloth
Needing you to say my name
I never walked past you when
You were selling my chances

I softly step in to your room
I never know that this will end
I’m begging you to understand
Just why it is I bottled up sand

And rose coloured cloth around your head
Plugging up the wounds that keep you safe
Never letting in the man
Who decided your fate in his plans

I’m pushing you down into my pocket

The smells in the air are like burning meat
close up your shop on marble street

Sitting in the rain waiting for the end
Waiting for this place to understand
And waiting for the money to start rolling in
I’ll buy you a face so you can disappear

I’m gonna rent a truck and fill it with my past
Then we’ll leave this place in a plaster cast
Feel my hands inside you never really cared
You let him in and he will always be there

And back on marble street the buildings have collapsed
And the bell tower fell down last
Were running for our lives away from everything
Closing up this shop and waiting for the rain.

cherry colour

ghost town love song

And I will search for some way to cleanse
Myself of this and fall in to you hands

I love you when you are mine
Sleep in a home made wind chime
Wait for the fallout
Never ask for any thing more

Put on my best pair of cotton blend gloves
And fix the things that matter most
When we swim in oceans we
Have fish kissing our toes

And I will find some small wax beads
When you decide to get on your knees

Tie a bag around your waist
And give you my last cheque
Send you off to my favorite place
You build for me a special space

Toggle switch on your back
Knowing that it’s always on
Fashion legs from piles of cans
Mechanical men in a three piece bands


man from mars

pico’s revenge

windy girl

She said that she was going away
She said that this town has run her dry
She needs something that doesn’t work
Something that no one can deny

She sat on the hot ground waiting for the wind
To come and take her away from all of you
Nothing ever came that day
But don’t tell her that what ever you do

And I sat waiting by my tree
And nothing ever showed me what to do
The Siamese cat brushed against my knees
Mute with excitement about you

I gave up the room that that man built
To a girl who waited for the wind
And one day I’ll come to visit you
In a small room, built only for two

on a holiday

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