a day on marble street
released september 2002

this record is about the city, and what happened there one day, particularly on marble street. it is about frustration and getting in to a pattern and putting together the parts of things in order to give them substance and help them make sense. it is really about jenny, and all the things that the people on marble street found out about her.. and what was changing her in to sindy.

One window

I’m sitting against the wall
I know now that I can’t fall
one window to look outside
to see all my friends who died.
All three standing on the hill
begging me to take my pills
and in the corner where he lay
out from surgery yesterday.
Sitting in my small room with myself
all the things I need on my shelf,
only a guess to what’s outside
every single person in my life has lied.
Hold my head with my hands
hearing songs from different lands
never knowing what is true,
never knowing what to do.
You sit with me for a bit
but we all know how you can’t sit
boneless leg dog barks at me
no one will just let me be.

Support Group

There’s a sign on the door that says support group, within the room Cindy is the moderator. There are four people sitting in chairs around her. Cindy is just glaring at one of them, it’s a horrible look for her. ”This is out support group right?” “Yes” “Well what are you supporting us for?” “You just need some fucking support, that’s all.” “A moment of silence falls over the room. “Can I talk about my problems now?” “No, just sit there and be quiet.” He replies that he is going to be leaving soon. “You’ll never get help if you give up.” “Well why do we have to give you so much money if we aren’t even going to speak?” “I have something better than words, I have something that will solve all your problems, I have support.” Cindy goes around the men and puts blindfolds on all of them. She leaves the room and comes back holding the home made pet dog, with the baby’s head. She hands it to the first man, they pass it around, looking at it, and touching it. “Can you feel the dog? It doesn’t feel like a dog, does it. Would you like to know why? No hair. You are dismissed.” They get up and take their blindfolds off and start to leave the room. The first man stops at the door. “Thank you Cindy, are you a prophet?” Cindy laughs. “No, but I’m not bald either.”
I can’t speak for you,
I can’t speak against you
I need to keep you inside my hat.
Where the children play,
they play their games,
they sing along to the songs I hate.
My twitch has stopped,
I need my medication.
I seen the puppy turned inside and out.
And there she was, with a face like glass.
She started it all but it will pass.
I tightened my pants and did up my boots,
and there was nothing that I couldn’t be.

Beautiful world

I drove in on the back of a truck,
a truckload of babies and cream.
And I rode out on the top of a train
that runs on baby’s cream and steam.
And you rolled out of the top of a can,
and pledged allegiance to my flag.
And you rolled over when you were dead,
and I wrapped your body in thrift store rags.
and I seen your son stumble around
with his one leg one eyed, one toothed smile.
And Lisa bought me a brand new dress,
and I wore it and I tore it, and she wasn’t impressed.
I mold a special girl out of new wave plastic,
I dug up your kitten and I gave her its brain.
In an underground laboratory she smiled six times,
then I cut her throat and she died from the pain.
As I rolled down the dirt road looking for booze,
you kicked my head and spit in my gas spout.
Eaten alive by crocodile’s offspring,
you told me to shut my defecating mouth.
We went to a disco with a bag of guns,
we handed them out and said go have your fun.
We were shot in the head fifty plus times,
and we boarded that train for the gulf of St.Mines.
It’s a beautiful world and your sister’s in the truck,
we’re gonna bash her in the head.

Crowded Hallways

I have my hands over my eyes,
you won’t see me ‘till you lie.
I wash myself with your dust,
I know that you are the one I trust,
take me from here, no please don’t go,
you are going too fast, I go too slow.
You have your hands over your eyes,
I won’t see you ‘till you die.
You wash your self with my blood,
you know I am the one you trust.
Take you away, no keep you close,
you are going to fast, I go too slow.
I am hiding. You can’t see me.
I won’t come out. You won’t touch me.
I am alone. Crowded Hallways.
I will stay here. Almost always.

Arbor Day

I am walking, to the harbor,
you know it’s arbor day today.
I’m gonna fish for a tree,
give it to you, just like me.
I’m walking through the branches,
you know the chances that I’ll meet you.
I give you everything you want in life.
I’m gonna blow out your birthday candles next year,
there’s nothing you can do except for look on in fear,
this is the best day of your life.
My fingers are sticky, I smoke way too much,
but you know I love it and it’s beautiful,
and there’s nothing I really need to touch,
because the kittens are moldy tonight.
I think your alright,
you know there’s nothing better for a girl like you than to flip my skirt up over my head,
she said.
You know I’m gonna tell you the story of your life.
It goes on and on and on and I said to her just shut up,
that’s nothing I need to hear right now.
I’ll just come in for a drink, and I’ll be leaving by ten.
Three days have passed and I haven’t moved an inch.
And I’m stumbling and I’m sticky still
and you know that I would kill just to walk back home in my own boots,
and I’m out of breath, this is my death… tonight.

Home (summer solstice)

Sometimes I walk this way,
sometimes I like to stay,
it flies with giant wings,
and I wish that it could sing.
Sitting with you on a sunny day,
sitting with you and you will stay.
Sometimes it rains a lot,
sometimes it’s very hot,
I laugh at the things you say,
and I laugh when I pretend to pray.
Sitting with me and I grow cold,
sitting with me I feel so old.
Every day I walk for hours.
I just managed to wash up when the bell rang telling me to stop listening to the radio the music would stay in my head for ever I burnt the house down where it all happened and tore out all the pages in my diary.
Sometimes it hurts to think,
sometimes my skin is pink,
the cats just play all day,
I wish that I could stay.
Eating with you under the sun,
eating with you seems like fun.
Sometimes it’s an early day,
the rabbits won’t go away,
broken mirrors around my street,
keep away all the people to meet.
I wish that you could stop.
Sometimes I do too.
Sometimes I stop for you.
Under the ground we walk,
people have begun to talk.
Ever since that day on the beach I could never have guessed that I would be here now, thrown in to a world where no one sees or hears, but no one ever gets out. I’ve had it with this place, I need to go home.


I’ve inspected too many units, on a day like today.
You’ve inspected me too closely, and I know you’ll never hold me.
I’m living out every last drop
hoping and searching for a way for it to stop,
I feel so cold.
I am quitting and I’m leaving,
I can’t take another day like today.
And you’ll support me, and you’ll cheer me,
you won’t force me, force me to stay.
I need to get away from here,
before you find out all my fears.
I feel so cold. I am walking,
and I’m running, and I’m looking for something.
Tell me something, and you’re quiet,
and I saw you, and you stop it.
I’ve been looking in the mirror for hours,
and I do not sleep well.
I feel so cold.
I am laying on the sofa, and I won’t get up for no one.
And my head says that I’m wasting,
and he’s lying, and he’s praying.
Crumble down the riding man,
he will hold me when he can.
I feel so cold.
I have given up on you now,
and I’m rolling and I’m crawling,
and you’re sleeping and avoiding,
all the things I say to you.
I’m living out every last drop
hoping and searching for a way to stop.
And I feel so cold.

Jenny was

Jenny was just a girl,
she didn’t like this world.
Jenny say she’s okay,
but we know it’s not that way.
Jenny won’t come to me,
cuz I just couldn’t see,
Jenny went to marble street,
but there was nothing there for her.
Jenny was taken away,
she won’t come home today,
Jenny was in the wall,
Jenny was very small.
I’m not sure what she did there,
I’m sure it was nothing that hurt you.
Jenny was taken away,
I know that I should say goodbye.
Jenny saw what you couldn’t see,
then she was taken away from me.
You never know if she was right,
there’s always things in the middle of the night.
And way up on the hill,
I’m not gonna take my pills,
the clouds will rain on my head,
I promise you, is what she said.
And Jenny say that it’s okay,
she wasn’t listening anyway.
And Jenny say that it’s nice here,
there is no people so there is no mirrors.
Jenny was taken away,
and she was happy that you could say,
that you never missed her anyway,
and the people you know are the same.
Jenny sings me a song,
and it was perfect, nothing wrong,
Jenny was showing why,
it’s okay if no one cries.
Jenny was taken away.
You know that it’s okay now,
everything is perfect and you know how,
and Jenny sings a song for me.

I can feel myself

I can feel myself,
I’m the one who knows.
I can steal myself, behind you in our rows.
It’s like a leather belt so tight that I can’t breath,
I ask you to stay, but you just leave.
And we’ve been wrapped up tight, and the rain is hot tonight.
I can feel myself,
I’m crashing down,
just like I was told,
and now there is no sound.
You lost my mind,
you feel my breath,
you are so kind, forever after death.
Twist around you until I fit,
burn down my house while I sit.
There is no way to end,
there is no way for me,
I can smell what we have done,
you are all that I see.
Please shake my hand,
there is no lies, there is still no end,
and nobody dies.
And I need your forgiveness in a time like this,
you just try to keep me with your meat flavored kiss.

Tumble down the marble home

And you know that I’m your man,
I will save you whenever I can.
Talk to people and they talk back,
fell like putting them in a sack.
You look quite friendly and I do too,
this is what we have to do.
Call Eugene and hook me up,
we’ll get it finished with lots of luck.
Baby doll is always there too,
she’s got a job, she knows what to do.
And we sit down and drink her tea,
I made a picnic for you and me.
Crumble down the marble home,
it’s the only home you know.
Tumble down the marble home,
it’s a home that we like to show.
Crumble down the marble home,
it was built but built too slow.
Tumble down the marble home,
and in the end we still won’t know.
And you know that I’m your man,
ride my bicycle when I can.
We go to dinner and order fish,
I blow on you and make a wish.
The people here look like rats, even Mr.Teddy is afraid of bats.
I like to dance in the park, and I will leave,
on your mark.
Crumble down the marble home,
it’s the only home you know.
Tumble down the marble home,
it’s a home that we like to show.
Crumble down the marble home,
it was built but built quite slow.
Tumble down the marble home,
and in the end we still won’t know.
I’m in the back of a Cadillac,
and I’m never gonna come back to this town, Jack.
And I’m wishing and singing,
and singing your song.
And I would join you but it would take too long.

Gazelle man

I look down at your boots,
they are something from a dream.
I never knew why you’re glass eye reflects everything but my cream.
And you know that I can’t lie,
and you know that I’m too shy,
to live underground with you
and sometimes there’s nothing I can do that pleases you.
It’s just a piece of wood,
nothing like you thought it should.
But sometimes like I said before,
would you like me to take you to the candy store.
Take a look around, I hope that you’re friend gets found.
He built a boat from Popsicle sticks and tape
and went away to find his fate.
Home is burning, home is burning,
and I’m the gazelle man.
I look at my reflection when I can.
But you are still standing there,
asking me what the hell I mean.
And I am jumping and your eyes don’t see my cream.
You look beautiful, in a spacey kind of way.
And I know what you will say.
Stop it, stop it, stop it, and I can’t think no more.
And I’ll take you and hold you and put you in my mouth like a kitty cat,
or a vampire bat.
But you feel like cream and you smell like cream,
and you won’t see it at all.
Free to cut up baby’s teeth,
baby wants to go to a show,
everyone is clapping for you,
and everyone is alone tonight.
One more one more song,
and it is done forever, it is gone.
And it hurts like a dolphin chewing on my soul.
Save me, save me, I scream to her.
And she sleeps though it all.
I went to town, to buy a gown,
to put on the clown, who gave me a crown of bacon and hate.
And her feet are all crooked and covered in plastic,
and I’m the gazelle man, love me, I’m the gazelle man.

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