a bear inside a box
released october 2008

a bear inside a box is the third in the series of fukachuk records that live far too close to home.. and it is sort of a culmination of a realization that there isn't as much separation between the city and the sticks and the lizard girl and the tree of reason with the things that are smaller and closer to the ground and the things that sting you and feel good and the things that give you snakes in your stomach sometimes. the bear was put into the box by everyone. but mostly the bear was put in to the box by the bear... it was only trying to save the small things from exploding...
a bear inside a box is about being scared of things... standing up to things.. and mostly just being. and it's about magic in a lot of ways that feel like wool on your arms in the winter.


Broken star under the tree of reason

The stars are liars
Floating there
Looking at me
My fake man walk
I pour it out
And give you some
But I look over
And there’s no one
The stars are misery
Wrapped in cloth
And no one notices
Any more
I saw it happen
Every day
And in the end
It’s all the same
And I won’t miss you
I won’t let you leave
But I have no control
You see
And I will blame her
Every day
By going back on what I say
I’m the one
Who broke the stars
By going way
Way too far

Weeds and wheels

I am pushing you in to rivers full of baskets
And I am tying you up in vines
And I am tasting all the parts of your head
And the wind changed when you fell down stairs
And he said I’ll get you something to drink
Something to cool you down
Let me take your hat and bags
And sit down on my lap
Your back is wet from thinking things
I’ll keep you fed and keep you clean
I promise that I’ll save your life
With pilers and some pills
I have to somehow break away from this planet
I feel far too much like everything is made up
And hiding under motor homes waiting for a rescue
And she was just a girl hiding in the weeds and wheels


Laying salt across the road
And watching this at a safe distance
Put my lips down on this island
Suck out all the hidden things
Rotate this wheel until it snaps
And broken watches mend themselves
Sleep inside an olive pit
And hide these things around the house
I never want to tie up shoes
That pile up in the kitchen drawers
I’ll hold your hands while you draw mirrors
That she can see in august
She won’t stop this river slug
From crawling in the plastic
She takes a step inside the box
To prove to us that she is magic
The left side of this room is wrong
It’s far too high and tilted
I crack your lips until they bleed
And sort out all these pamphlets

Shadow puppet ceiling makers (sink)

He’s a pillow shaper
He’;s an undeniably huge mess maker
Kicking out the costumed people
And pulling in everything, everything
Shadow puppet ceiling makers
Same as it was years ago
Different people person sometimes
Running outside in the snow
Patchwork blankets cover insides
Outside I can feel this thing
Blocking out the sun with your hand
I can finally see again
Kitchen talking stalking something
Wishing I was alone again
Pushing back the costumed penguins
And sucking on your lips again

Miss the moon

Button down the metal pipes
On the first night of this moon
Ragdoll shaking like a goldfish
I can’t think inside this room
And it will taste like everything
And I can’t see because I’ve died
I cut out pictures from magazines
And paste them all inside your thighs
Like some kind of fruit no one eats
I’ll pull you down
On to these streets
And there’s no people any more
I miss the moon

Shakin’ time

I saw your legs down there
Hanging on from no where
I come out stretched over
To stop me from clover
You know it’s old and there ain’t nothing new
Why don’t we step lightly
On tip toes on the floor
And when we will walk streets
I know my knuckle’s bloody
I know that this is old
There isn’t nothing new
It feels not at all cold
I’m gonna scold that girl
Shakin’ time
Shake it up now
Now why don’t you just do it all tonight
When everything is wrong and the socks are right
I don’t know why the basket’s on the floor
Lets fill it up
I know there’s something old
Shake it up
Shake it down

Sliding over marbles

My toes are sliding over marbles
Looking at the walls
I saw her stare out at nothing
She is worse than I could be
Sliding wood in to my shoulders
Warm and very wet
She built me something new last night
Inside a home made tent

Mix it with milk

Beaching all the things I’m told to cross away the bridge upstairs
And I threw down pieces of this boat to milk it all again
Feeling something wet outside that sometimes lets me fall asleep
And push it under cloth again to find a secret wishing well
I found a clock with human wings that I can mix with milk
I can not scream like this no more when she might go to sleep
Cans are piled up at my door and so are broken rocks
I set alarms for the wrong time and put holes in your socks
Hands on the homemade board
With something painted like your hair
Push it down a buttered hill
And whisper secrets at the fair.

Stick lights

Transmissions coming from the top of yo9ur skull
I feel these things like I do in fall
I piece together all your alphabets
And tie your shirts in knots
I’m inside pockets that are made of rocks
And the rocks are made of flesh
I never know just what I should do
Until I brought these feathers to church
Paper trees are covered in these
And the lights are coming from sticks
And all the trains are stopped tonight
To give my body a rest
I can’t go up these stairs tonight
I don’t want to face that sound
The noise is coming from a broken down tree
I saw in the middle of the night

Daytime sleepers

Daytime sleepers
Sleep with musty sheets
I bought her pliers
To help me when I dream
Paint up all these ceilings
Pardon all the lines
And pick up inside of me
And use my fingers
Amazing acts of balance
Used to clear out attics
And clear out all my misconceptions
About things I was sure of
And I stopped you in the street
And told you about the story
About the girl in flower shops
You never spoke to me
I have a plan for everything
I can’t tell anybody
I have a plan for everything
If I spoke a single word
Then I’d be a liar
Washing clothing in the creek
There’s minnows in my pockets
I can’t even last a week
So wear my clothes for hours

The controller mouse

I take your button down
In the carpark, bathroom
Any place I find a room
Your head, this bed
Any place I find too soon
I take it inside
A shirt I had all of my life
I can’t feed you every day
Though I want to
Broken clockwork boy
Shake my fists at piles of clothes
And if you could only see
This is how I say I know
But falling outside the house
Inside my mouth is a small mouse
Running to power me
And all the things that I should be

The end of things

Feet are at the end of things
That look at moons inside of cars
I feel like it’s the end of things
That might have never been apart
You are on top of things
And looking up is falling down
We trapped a bear inside a box
And painted him like circus clowns
I scraped my knee while catching you
Wound licked clean and clean and clean
I stopped her from cutting down
And slept in you tonight

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